Bridge to Havana

[Updated: October 15, 2004]

Bridge to Havana

Title:Bridge to Havana
Label:Pyramid/ Universal Records
Catalogue number:802469103120
Length:57 minutes
Release date:June 29, 2004
  1. Not So Close Not So Far - Beth Nielson Chapman Carlos Varela, Santiago Feliu
  2. One World - Mick Fleetwood, Tod Smallwood, Paddy Moloney, Jimmy Buffett, Augusto Enriquez
  3. Que Importa - N’Dea Davenport, Rene Banos, Dave Koz, Ernan Lopez-Nussa
  4. Unlonely - Montell Jordan, Carlos Alfonso, James Slater
  5. Feelin’ Good (Vacilon) - Galdys Knight and Edesio Alejandro
  6. Just Be Alone With You - Joan Osborne, Manolito Simonet, Haratio “El Negro” Hernandez, and Jose Maria Vitier
  7. Hey Hey - Peter Frampton and Alberto Tasca
  8. Walking On Sunshine - Montell Jordan, Carlos Alfonso, James Slater, and Equis Alfonso
  9. Esto Es Pa Gozar - Brenda Russell, Lucia Huergo, Andy Summers, and Jose Luis Cortes
  10. Volvere - Ruth Merry and The Havana Player
Remarks:In March 1999 over 100 musicians and staff traveled from the United States to Havana, Cuba for six days to write and perform music with contemporary Cuban artists. They shared the skills and transcended their linguistic and cultural differences. They synergy of the diverse talents made an extraordinary and exciting new genre of music blending jazz, salsa, R&B, son, rock and pop. On March 29, 1999 all artists joined together for performances at the Karl Marx Theatre in Havana. The event was called Music Bridges Over Troubled Waters.

Andy Summers and Stewart Copeland both appear on this DVD:
track 1 (3.08) - shot of Stewart
track 1 (5.25) - shot (partial) of Andy
track 10 (42.26) - Andy on guitar during whole track (Esto Es Pa' Gozar)
track 12 (55.05) - credits (additional recording engineers [..] Stwart Copeland)
track 12 (56.10) - credits (Esto Es Pa' Gozar)

Some of the concert footage is quite blurry.
Besides the DVD a CD was released. However this album does NOT contain any contribution by Andy or Stewart!

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