Inside - The Songs Of Sacred Love - Sting

[Updated: October 15, 2004]

Inside - The Songs Of Sacred Love - Sting

Title:Inside - The Songs Of Sacred Love - Sting
Catalogue number:0602498606210
Length:- minutes
Release date:2003
  1. Send Your Love
  2. Inside
  3. Dead Man's Rope
  4. Shape Of My Heart (hidden track!)
  5. Never Coming Home
  6. Like A Beautiful Smile
  7. Forget About The Future/That Sinking Feeling
  8. This War
  9. Sacred Love
  10. The Book of My Life
  11. Walking On the Moon
  12. Roxanne
  13. Whenever I Say Your Name (with Mary J. Blige)
  14. Every Breath You Take
Remarks:Interviews and rehearsal footage filmed at Sting's home in Malibu, CA and at the Mayan Theater in Los Angeles, CA in May 2003.

Easter Egg:
At a certain point during the main movie (from 24.40 until 25.30 min) Sting and Dominic perform (only) the chorus of Shape Of My Heart. When you press the "play" button during this section a COMPLETE version of this song is played! Sting gets really emotional during the song and even starts to cry. Although I'm not sure why he gets so emotional, I assume it was because of the fact that Kim Turner died the previous night.

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