Summoner's Travels - Sting

[Updated: October 15, 2004]


Title:Summoner's Travels - Sting
Medium:videotape/ laserdisc
Label:PolyGram Video
Catalogue number:089 614
Length:74 minutes
Release date:1994
  1. If I Ever Lose My Faith In You (Passariano; 25-07-1993)
  2. Seven Days (Passariano; 25-07-1993)
  3. Fields Of Gold (Efes; 02-07-1993)
  4. Saint Augustine In Hell/ Straight To Heart (Passariano; 25-07-1993)
  5. Synchronicity II (Oslo; 28-08-1993)
  6. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic (Oslo; 28-08-1993)
  7. Englishman In New York (Oslo; 28-08-1993)
  8. King Of Pain/ All This Time (Oslo; 28-08-1993)
  9. She's Too Good For Me (Oslo; 28-08-1993)
  10. Nothing 'Bout Me (Oslo; 28-08-1993)
  11. Every Breath You Take (Oslo; 28-08-1993)
  12. Fragile (Oslo; 28-08-1993)
Remarks:This video captures a few months during the Ten Summoner's Tales tour in the Summer of 1993. Between the live recordings are images of soundchecks, backstage shots, yogaing, waterskiing, pressconferences.

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