The Rhythmatist - Stewart Copeland

[Updated: October 15, 2004]

The Rhythmatist - Stewart Copeland

Title:The Rhythmatist - Stewart Copeland
Medium:videotape/ laserdisc
Label:A&M Sound Pictures
Catalogue number:AM 828
Length:58 minutes
Release date:1985
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Remarks:This is what Stewart wrote for the sleeve notes of the video: ""Rhythmatism is the study of patterns that weave the fabric of life. With this speculation in mind, a black clad figure is on his way across the so-called dark continent. He meets lions, warriors, pygmies and jungles before stumbling across the rock. This video is a curious blend of musical snatches from Tanzania, Kenya, Burundi, Zaire, The Congo and Buckinghamshire. With this recording of African music I couldn't help but add some drums of my own and a little electric guitar even.""

With Stewart Copeland, Tisch Raye, Lorne Blair and the Giriama, Masai, Samburu, Tcuka and Shanga Tribes of East & West Africa.
Story by Stewart Copeland and Jean Pierre Dutilleux.
Executive Producers: Miles Copeland and Derek Power.
Produced and directed by Jean Pierre Dutilleux.

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