Andy Summers Guitar - Andy Summers

[Updated: October 15, 2004]

Andy Summers Guitar - Andy Summers

Title:Andy Summers Guitar - Andy Summers
Medium:videotape (2-video boxed set)
Label:Hot Licks video
Catalogue number:VGS 201
Length:165 minutes
Release date:1997
  1. tape 1:
    introduction (Andy Summers)
    Afro Blue (Ramon ""Mongo"" Santamaria)
    Big Thing (Andy Summers)
    Message In A Bottle (Sting)
    Every Breath You Take (Sting)
    De Do Do Do De Da Da Da (Sting)
    Roxanne (Sting)
    Murder By Numbers (Sting)
    Bring On The Night (Sting)
    Spirits In The Material World (Sting)
    The Last Dance Of Mister X (Andy Summers)
    Blues For Snake (Andy Summers)

    tape 2:
    Footprints (Wayne Shorter)
    Mexico 1920 (Andy Summers)
    Luminous Motion (Andy Summers)
    Somewhere In The West (Andy Summers)
    World Gone Strange (Andy Summers)
    Monk Hangs Ten (Andy Summers)
    Lonely Woman (Horace Silver)
Remarks:On these videos Andy is playing 115 examples of solos on a green acoustic Benedetto arch-top. During each solo a number is shows on the screen which refers to the corresponding tableture in the instructural booklet. During each instruction the screen is often divided in three segments, which show Andy's left hand on the strings, his right hand on the neck of the guitar and also Andy's face. Between each block of examples Andy is playing songs (on his red Gibson 335 from 1960) with the band. Jerry Watts is playing bass and Bernie Dresel is sitting behind the drums.
Band segments recorded at Right Track Recording Studios in Manhattan, NY on May 19, 1997.
Teaching segments recorded at Sony Music Studios in Manhattan, NY.
Mixing Engineer: Eddie King.

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