Synchronicity Concert - The Police

[Updated: November 3, 2009]

Synchronicity Concert - The Police (European release) - Synchronicity Concert - The Police  (US release)

Title:Synchronicity Concert - The Police
Medium:videotape/ laserdisc
Label:PolyGram Video
Catalogue number:AMV 858
Length:76 minutes
Release date:1984
  1. Synchronicity 1
  2. Walking In Your Footsteps
  3. Message In A Bottle
  4. Walking On the Moon
  5. Wrapped Around Your Finger
  6. Hole In My Life
  7. King of Pain
  8. One World
  9. Tea In the Sahara
  10. Oh My God
  11. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da
  12. Every Breath You Take
  13. Can't Stand Losing You
  14. Spirits In the Material World
  15. So Lonely
Remarks:This video was recorded live in Atlanta on 03-11-1983. A lot of shots of the audience were recorded in Montreal on 02-08-1983.

This movie (with bonus material!) was rereleased on DVD in 2005.

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