Around The World - The Police

[Updated: November 3, 2009]

Around The World - The Police (European release) - Around The World - The Police (US release)

Title:Around The World - The Police
Medium:videotape/ laserdisc
Label:Thorn EMI Video (European release)/ IRS Video (US release)
Catalogue number:SNE 90 1302 3 (European release)/ Video 001 (US release)
Length:75 minutes
Release date:1982
  1. Next To You (Kyoto; 20-02-1980 ?)
  2. Light Changes (Instrumental written by Andy. Later Andy rerecorded this instrumental track and retitled it to ""Bewitched"". It was released on the album Bewitched (with Robert Fripp))
  3. Walking On The Moon
  4. Born In The 50's
  5. So Lonely (lip synch recorded in metro Hong Kong)
  6. Man In A Suitcase (Los Angeles; 16-01-1981)
  7. Can't Stand Losing You (Bombay; 26-02-1980)
  8. Bring On The Night (images recorded in Cairo 28-02-1980, sound recorded in?)
  9. Canary In A Coalmine (album version w/ images from Athens)
  10. Voices Inside My Head (album version w/ images from Fréjus; 28-08-1980)
  11. When The World Is Running Down (Los Angeles; 16-01-1981)
  12. Shadows In The Rain (Los Angeles; 16-01-1981)
  13. De Do Do Do, De Da Da Da (Fréjus; 28-08-1980)
  14. Don't Stand So Close To Me (Fréjus; 28-08-1980)
  15. Truth Hits Everybody (Fréjus; 28-08-1980)
  16. Roxanne (Los Angeles; 16-01-1981)
Remarks:This video captures about one year (from February 1980 to January 1981) of The Police on the road. They are filmed in Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, India, Egypt, Greece, South America, France and the USA. It features many live perfomances and also Stewart's own personal Super 8 footage. Be aware that not all the live footage was actually recorded in the countries that are listed in the subtitles!

A lot of the footage in this film (mainly the first part - up to the footage in Athens) was also issued in the documentary "The Police In The East", which was recorded and broadcasted by the BBC. Annie Nightingale and a film crew followed the band for this BBC documentary.

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