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[Updated: August 29, 2012]

The Concert Archive contains information about tours and more than 2,000 live shows of The Police and Sting over a period of more than 35 years! I believe the list of concert dates is pretty accurate. However, please contact me when you found any errors!
Detailed information is available for many shows, such as: setlist, name of support act, attendance figures and additional facts. Please let me know when you have additional information about a show. I'm also interested in scans of memorabilia (ticket stub, advertisement, flyer, concertposter or review).

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Thanks to...
In order to compile the Concert Archive I listened to a huge amount of audio recordings, watched hours of video recordings and read books, newspapers and magazines. But foremost this work would have been impossible without the help of the following people:
AUSTRIA:Kilian Christanell
CANADA:Jock Lowndes, Hugh Mckenny
DENMARK:Jan Kronil
FRANCE:Fabien Barrel, Didier Gonnet-Marty, Philippe Massart, Sebastien Renaut, Benjamin Vincent, Jérome Delagnes, Hervé Lenoach
GERMANY:Bas Kiltz, Rüdiger Höckel, Dietmar Clös
HOLLAND:Erwin Kempen, Robbert, Anton van der Kreeft, JooZt Mattheij, Luuk Schroijen, Peter van der Harst
HUNGARY:Attila Mate
ITALY:Giovanni Pollastri, Enrico Mario Pierotti
SPAIN:Antoni Carbo, Carlos Font
SWEDENErik Rosenlund
SWITZERLAND:Simon Castellan
UK:Sue Bett, Paul Carter, Wendy & Dave Dunn, Darren Gray, Hopps, David Koller, Tom Nagle
USA:"Doctor Chicago", Mitch d'Arby, Lawrence Kirsch, Pat Birkholz, John Bradford, Greg Bratton, Jim Morrissey, CDHarper, Pepe Colubi, "Johnnyjumpstart", Will Keller, John Goldsmith, Robert Prichard, Kenneth Dudzik, Lana Loper, Mike Kolesar, Rafi Lago, Jeff Seitz
VENEZUELA:Luis Alejandro García, Francisco Gozalo
... and to everyone who knows their name should be here!
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