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11-09-2001 / Figline Valdarno / Il Palagio / ITALY
Fragile - A Thousand Years / Perfect Love Gone Wrong - All This Time - Seven Days - Hounds Of Winter - Don't Stand So Close To Me - When We Dance - Dienda - Roxanne - If You Love Somebody Set Them Free - Brand New Day - Fields Of Gold - Bourbon Street - Shape Of My Heart - If I Ever Lose My Faith In You - Every Breath You Take - Message In A Bottle
Attendance: 250.
On 11-09-2001 Sting planned to record a live album at a special show being held at his home ("Il Palagio") in Tuscany, Italy. A small audience of fans and friends were invited to the show, which was supposed to be webcasted and to be released on CD and DVD. Tickets were giving away via various contents on the radio and websites throughout the world. A couple of weeks prior to the event Sting said: "We're just gonna try to surprise each other and see what happens. It won't be the polished arrangements we've been working on for 18 months at all. It'll be the same songs, but with a few curveballs thrown in there. That's my intention, anyway".
About six hours prior to the actual planned start of the show and the webcast hijacked planes crashed in the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in Washington. Many people lost their lives due to this terroristic attacks.
The concert took place in the courtyard in the middle of the house part of the property. There was about 4 rows of seats, and then a lot of tables with
seats around them. There were also a few couches around the sides and during the show. The lighting was very nice although not overly elaborate. The whole performance was recorded on video, but general opinion was that it wouldn't be released. Sting said he didn't want the recording to be attached to the stigma of the day.
Sting talked about his fears about what had happened that day and offered his sympathy and told that they were going to play one song, then unplug the webcast. The band played a very interesting and beautiful version of Fragile and then took a one-minute silence without applause. Sting: "We are performing the song Fragile as a prayer and a mark of respect for those people who have died or are suffering as a result of this morning's tragedy. We are shutting down the webcast following this song".
After the webcast stopped, Sting asked the audience if they wanted to continue, and the crowd erupted with applause and support and Sting decided to play on. The setlist was cut down from the planned setlist.
It was an odd and fitting coincidence that Sting planned to call the live album "On Such A Night". The title was later changed into "All This Time".
The album also contains Mad About You which was performed on 10-09-2001 (and not on 11-09-2001).
The band were:
Sting - bass (on some of the songs)
Dominic Miller - guitar
Jason Rebello - piano/ keyboards
Kipper - keyboards
Manu Katché - drums
Chris Botti - trumpet
Clark Gayton - trombone
Christian McBride - double bass
Jacques Morelenbaum - cello
B.J. Cole - pedal steel guitar
Marcos Suzano - percussion (same as at Rock in Rio)
Jeff Young - vocals
Katreese Barnes - vocals
Janice Pendarvis - vocals
Cheb and Nasser were present, but didn't play due to the fact that the setlist was being cut short.

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