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[Updated: August 12, 2001]

04-12-1999 / Chicago, IL / Chicago Theatre / USA
Before All This Time: "Well, here we are. Second night here in Chicago in this beautiful theatre. I love this theatre very much, it's so intimate. Especially the front row here. I feel very close to you. I can hear what you are saying. 'He looks younger, he had something done. Where did he get that jacket? He was better with The Police. Can he really do it for five hours?'. Let me tell you, I have actually given up tantric sex. I'm trying to get my wife into tantric shopping. That's when you go shopping and then buy anything. She doesn't like the idea".
"At this time I told the folks last night that I'm actually glad that Thanksgiving is over. There are a few more alien concepts to an Englishman than Thanksgiving. We have a similar festival called Gratefulday. Were we grumble about the weather, the government and food. I was in New York on Thanksgiving day last week and I live and the Thanksgiving day route. Which is nice, except that day because I live on the third floor and I was asleep at ten in the morning. I was having a nightmare about a giant inflatable Garfield. So looked out of my window and there was this fucking So, I was in my window going like this and a New York Post photographer me going. The next day: English grunge on Thanksgiving day. Anyway, the turkey was This next song concerns a gas station attendant. In my young life it was one of the jobs I had, but I had to give it up, because I liked the smell too much. This gas station attendant has no money and wants to take his girlfriend to Vegas and show her a good time. So, he decides to steal the cashbox, but something happens and this is the song".

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