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[Updated: November 3, 2009]

13-12-1996 / Den Haag / Statenhal / HOLLAND
Setlist same as: 26-11-1996.
Support act: Soraya.
Attendance: 10,000; sellout.
The ticketsale for this show started on 29-06-1996.
No projections (both huge projections behind the band and the projections on the seven boxes) were used during this show and the rest of the tour.
During the soundcheck only The Hounds Of Winter was performed, without Butch and Clarke.
The backing tapes for Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot were also dropped. Sting now sang the whole song on his own. (When has this first happened?).
Before You Still Touch Me a few pluche toys were thrown on stage.
Before I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying: "You, sir, you can come up. The lady with 'me' written up there, you can come up too. But how do you come up? Just move forward. I can only have two people, otherwise I'd be outnumbered. Here they come. Get them up". While climbing on stage the girl (Brigitta) accidentally showed the audience her underwear, because she wore a short leather dress.
As the band left the stage after Englishman In New York the audience sang the verse over and over again. When Sting came back he joined in for a few lines before kicking into If I Ever Lose My Faith In You.
After If I Ever Lose My Faith In You Sting said: "Ladies and gentlemen ... mister Stewart Copeland"! Stewart walked on stage and embraced Sting. He sat down behind Vinnie's drumset and Every Breath You Take was started. Stewart was drumming so energetic he actually damaged one of Vinnie's drums. Sting was smiling very satisfied throughout the whole song and he seemed to listen very carefully to the drums behind him.
After a fabulous version Sting said: "Come and take a bow, Stewart". This performance was totally unrehearsed, because Stewart arrived at the venue just an hour before the show. Stewart happened to be in Holland, because of the premiere of the movie The Leopard Son in Amsterdam on 11-12-1996.
Before Fragile Stewart came on with the rest of the band and stood next to Clark and Butch playing the tambourine.

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