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[Updated: August 12, 2001]

24-11-1996 / Newcastle / Newcastle Arena / UK
Setlist same as: 18-11-1996.
Support act: Paul Carrack.
About 100 fans visited the bar Dunes of Sting's brother Phil in the afternoon. Sting couldn't be there, because he visited his grandmother Agnes.
"Nice to be back In Newcastle. I was trying to explain to the band that I'm from the [?] part of Newcastle. What's funny about Wallsend, man? It's a nice day today too, right? The first song appropriate was called The Hounds Of Winter. The second song was I Hung My Head. This is called I Was Brought To My Senses".
Backing vocalists Monica Price and Shirley Lewis joined the rest of the band after I Was Brought To My Senses for the rest of the show.
"I think it was about twenty years ago I left Newcastle and I went to seek my fortune in London. I was very lucky, because I could quite easily be at the wrong place at the wrong time and met the wrong people. But I didn't. This song is about the alternative. It's called Twenty Five To Midnight".
Two women and two men joined during I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying. One of the men went to the same school as Sting and had a haircut that Sting took a shine too - he had less hair then he did. Sting said "I didn't teach you, did I?", and having been given the answer "No" said: "Thank God for the classes I taught are aged 30 now and can't read". Sting asked "Little Keith" whether he and his girlfriend were intimate. Keith: "Yes". Sting: "How long have your been intimate?". Keith: "Usually about 5 or 6 minutes".
Paul Carrack joined Sting on Lithium Sunset.
Sting messed up Fragile when he tried to play it a bit more funky.

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