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17-08-1996 / Concord, CA / Concord Pavilion / USA
The Hounds Of Winter - I Hung My Head - I Was Brought To My Senses - If You Love Somebody Set Them Free - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - Seven Days - I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying - You Still Touch Me - Fields Of Gold - Synchronicity II - Roxanne - Bring On The Night/ When The World Is Running Down - Demolition Man - Englishman In New York ** If I Ever Lose My Faith In You - Every Breath You Take - Lithium Sunset ** Fragile
Setlist same as: 21-07-1996, but You Still Touch Me was performed after I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying.
Support act: Geggy Tah.
Attendance: ; sellout.
Dominic joined the support act Geggy Tah for one song, in which he sat in a rocking chair for Peace Love In A Rocking Chair.
Video cameras projected close-ups on the jumbo-tron screens for people in the back of the pavilion.
Sting announced that it was the first time he was in Concord, but the crowd was quick to correct him.
During I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying a guy was invited on stage. Sting shook his hand and asked for his name:
R.J.: "R.J.".
Sting "R.J.? That's not a name!".
R.J.: "It stands for Raymond Jeczen".
Sting: "Ah, that's better ... Now R.J., this song is about Divorce, do you know anything about divorce?".
R.J.: "Yeah I know something about that".
Sting: "You do? Have you been divorced?".[looked amazed]
R.J.: "No, not divorced, but I've had a few girlfriends".
Sting: "Ah hah! Lets explore this a little more R.J. How do explain having so many girlfriends...sound like you had trouble getting it right R.J.!". [R.J. had no response. He stepped away from the mic, and threw his arms up. The crowd started laughing].
Sting: "Do you have a girlfriend now?"
R.J.: "Yeah".
Sting: "Is she here with you tonight?"
R.J.: "Oh yeah."
Sting: "And what's her name?"
R.J.: "Gazelle."
Sting: "Jezelle?"
R.J.: "No, Gazelle, you know, like the animal".
Sting: "Ahhh, Gazelle, thats a very exotic name!"
R.J.: "Yeah, she's from France."
Sting: "A French girl, eh? R.J., very nice." [Sting added something in French]. "What do you think she thinks about all of these girlfriends? Do you want to apologize to her now?".
R.J.: "Uhhh I think just being up here on stage with you tonight should pretty much take care of everything for me!". [crowd cheered louder].
Sting: "OK, now R.J., for this song I'll sing the verse and you'll come in on the chorus ... in the meantime, just stand there and look sexy".
R.J.: "You mean you're not going to let me sing lead?" [crowd went wild].
Sting: "Don't tempt me! I'll let you run with it, if thats what you want!".
R.J.: "Hell yeah, lets sing it together!".
Sting: "OK R.J., now first, before you start, I want you to touch the mic as you sing. You have to actually put your mouth on the mic ... try it".
R.J.: "CHECK ONE ... TWO".
Sting started the first verse, and R.J. joined in midway through the first verse. They sang the first chorus together loud and strong, and the crowd went crazy.
By the time we got through another verse, the crowd was getting out of their seats. Then Sting stepped away from the mic for the second chorus, and R.J. found himself singing it solo. At a certain point he looked at Sting. Sting was bowing down to him saying: "We're not worthy, we're not worthy!". When R.J. was coming off the stage, Sting said: "That man has got balls."

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