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15-07-1996 / Amagansett, NY / Stephen Talkhouse (VH-1 "Storytellers") / USA
Message In A Bottle - Every Breath You Take - Fields Of Gold - King Of Pain - Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying - Roxanne - Lithium Sunset
For one hour Sting appeared on the VH-1 "Storytellers" show, where he talked about his music. It was open to anyone who wanted to watch and there was a sign on the door that said, "By watching, you agree to let us film you". Sting was very funny throughout the whole show, cracking jokes and practicing his self-depricating humor.
King Of Pain featured Sting on piano for the first verse, and he explained the origin of the song.
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic was performed as an acoustic version.
When Dominic started I'm So Hapy I Can't Stop Crying too slow Sting said: "Are you on valium or something?".
Sting told the following before performing Lithium Sunset: "The idea for this next song came to me when I was in Brazil. I met what I could best describe as a shaman who happens to have a degree in chemistry. He was saying that sunlight is composed of a lot of elements and one of them is lithium and as you know lithium is a medication given to the depressed. A very successful drug. But it actually exists in sunlight and at sunrise and sunset you can look into the sun without damage and the eye does not filter yellow light so this lithium goes strait to the brain. So it's a reason why people should look at the sunset, why you get a great deal of sollace looking at the sunset or the sunrise. [This] is basically an ode to this natural medication that is available to all."

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