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13-03-1996 / Moscow / Kremlin Palace / RUSSIA
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You - If You Love Somebody Set Them Free - King Of Pain - The Hounds Of Winter - I Hung My Head - Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot - I Was Brought To My Senses - You Still Touch Me - Seven Days - Fields Of Gold - Twenty Five To Midnight - All Four Seasons - It's Probably Me - Synchronicity II - Roxanne - Englishman In New York - This Cowboy Song/ When The World Is Running Down ** Every Breath You Take - She's Too Good For Me - Nothing 'bout Me - Lithium Sunset ** Fragile
Support act: [none].
The two shows in Moscow were rescheduled, because of the cancelation of three shows in December 1994.
In the afternoon Sting gave a press conference.
Sting's first shows in Russia were played at the former Palace for the Communist Congress. There was much media attention surrounding his visit to Moscow, there were cameras everywhere. The special black "ZIL" limousine (a type of Russian goverment car) with the license number STING 77 took him around Moscow for a citytour.
The tickets (varying in price from 15 to 100 US dollars) sold out in two days. On the days of the concerts tickets were selling for around $400 on the black market.
The first fifty rows were occupied by the "New Russians", dressed in fur and hanged with gold and diamonds. It was obvious most of them didn't bother what kind of artist was performing as long as it was a "big star". The rest of the audience reacted warm and excited.
Clark Gayton and Butch Thomas played a part of Russians during Roxanne.

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