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09-03-1996 / Amsterdam / Paradiso / HOLLAND
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You - If You Love Somebody Set Them Free - The Hounds Of Winter - I Hung My Head - Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot - I Was Brought To My Senses - You Still Touch Me - Seven Days - Fields Of Gold - Twenty Five To Midnight - All Four Seasons - I'm So Happy I Can't Stop Crying - Synchronicity II - Roxanne - The Bed's Too Big Without You - Englishman In New York - This Cowboy Song/ When The World Is Running Down ** She's Too Good For Me - Nothing 'bout Me - Lithium Sunset ** Fragile
Setlist same as: 02-03-1996, but La Belle Dame Sans Regrets and Valparaiso were omitted.
Support act: [none].
Attendance: 1,000; sellout.
During both shows in Amsterdam the band was accompanied by the backing singers Monica Reed Price, Shirley Lewis, Dolette McDonald and Janice Pendarvis.
In the afternoon (while Sting was in the city of Amsterdam to record shots for the video of You Still Touch Me) I showed Sting the date of the first show he played at the Paradiso with The Police (25-03-1977). That night during the show he mentioned that date, but he made the mistake to say: "the LAST time I played at the Paradiso". Two days later two newspapers (Algemeen Dagblad and Utrecht Nieuwsblad) used Sting mistake as an argument to have doubts about his memory.
Monica Price rapped during The Bed's Too Big Without You.
During Englishman In New York two fans (Markus and Annet) in the front row waved plastic inflatable saxophones right in front of Sting. He got very distracted and after the song he eventually said: "Give me those saxophones. They drive me crazy". When they disobeyed he actually grapped the toys, laid them on stage and added: "You'll get them back at the end of the show. Anybody else got any inflatables they want to bring up here? Women?".
Just before the first encore Sting introduced the two owners of the plastic saxophones on stage and asked them to join the horn section. They stood there during the next three songs.

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