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09-05-1991 / Den Haag / Statenhal / HOLLAND
All This Time - Jeremiah Blues (Part 1) - Mad About You - Ain't No Sunshine - Why Should I Cry For You/ If I Were A Carpenter - Roxanne - Bring On The Night/ When The World Is Running Down - King Of Pain - Fortress Around Your Heart - The Wild Wild Sea/ The Soul Cages/ When The Angels Fall - Purple Haze - Games Without Frontiers - My Special Child - Don't Give Up - Tea In The Sahara/ Walking On The Moon - Every Breath You Take - Message In A Bottle ** Fragile
• Support act: Kennedy Rose, Vinx.
• Attendance: 11,000.
During the soundcheck Sting sang Elvis Presley’s Guitar Man.
To focus attention on the problems of the Kurds in Iraq and Turkey Peter Gabriel and Sinead O'Connor joined on stage. Parts of the show were broadcasted on both radio and TV in several European countries on 12-05-1991. Because of the longer show due to the "Kurd Aid" performance the show started at 9.00pm instead of 9.15pm.
Peter Gabriel: "This is going over to the concert for the Kurds. The Kurds have been a football kicked around by governments for far too long. I hope now after all their suffering they get more than baby food and blankets. I hope that the Kurds get their own homeland. And the governments of the world and the United Nations take their role more seriously: looking after refugees of all these disasters. This song is against war and the casualties of war, Games Without Frontiers".
The complete show was filmed by ten cameras and directed by Larry Jordan. A large part of the show was released commercially on the home video and laser disc The Soul Cages Concert in November 1991. On this video no connections were made to the guest performance of Peter Gabriel and Sinead O'Connor. In 1993 and 1994 all the tracks from the video (except for Jeremiah Blues (Part 1), Mad About You and When The Angels Fall) were also issued on several CD-singles around the world.

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