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23-03-1991 / New Orleans, LA / Lakefront Arena / USA
Jeremiah Blues (Part 1) - All This Time - Mad About You - Why Should I Cry For You - Ain't No Sunshine - Roxanne - Bring On The Night/ When The World Is Running Down - King Of Pain - Fortress Around Your Heart - The Wild Wild Sea/ The Soul Cages - Purple Haze - Tea In The Sahara/ Walking On The Moon - Every Breath You Take - Message In A Bottle - Fragile
Capacity: 6,000.
De openings-song was vandaag niet het gebruikelijke All This Time, maar Jeremiah Blues (Part 1). Tijdens het lange instrumentale gedeelte (2.40 min) op het eind van eerste nummer: "...New Orleans".
"Thank you. Ok., let me introduce the band to you.On the guitar we have Dominic Miller. On the drums mister Vinnie Colaiuta, nice shirt Vinnie. And on the keyboards mister David Sancious. This song, song is called All This Time".
"Thank you..well that's better..I feel better now ... it takes me about two songs to feel at do you feel? we all feel at home..can I have my cup of tea please? ... I need my cup of tea..come on captain..were are you? he is ... this is my English butler..captain grapor so..[...]...this song is called I'm Mad About You".
Tijdens When The World Is Running Down: "...that wasn't bad...that wasn't bad at just wasn't great..come on ... this is New Orleans..right?..if this is New Orleans it should be a whole lot louder than know ... [..] ... don't waste it..don't waste it..calm will be alright".
Voor Fragile: "...thank you so much".

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