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11-03-1991 / Montreal, Que. / The Forum / CANADA
All This Time - Mad About You - Jeremiah Blues (Part 1) - Why Should I Cry For You - Ain't No Sunshine - Roxanne - Bring On The Night/ When The World Is Running Down - King Of Pain - The Wild Wild Sea/ The Soul Cages/When The Angels Fall - Purple Haze - Message In A Bottle - If You Love Somebody Set Them Free/ Dance To The Music - Every Breath You Take - Fragile
Support act: Concrete Blonde, Vinx.
Attendance: 14,000.
Sting came on stage to introduce Vinx and promised to return in 10 minutes with his band.
Montreal ligt in de Franstalige provincie Quebec. Sting maakte van de gelegenheid gebruik om zijn frans weer wat op te halen: "Thank you. Merci bien. Nice to be back. On guitar monsieur Dominic Miller, on batterie Vinnie Colaiuta, on clavier mister David Sancious. This song, eh, this song was inspired by a story in the bible. It's a story of King David. King David at the height fell in love with someone else's wife, it happens you know. This woman was married to a general in the army, so King David being a wildly kind of guy started a war and sent the general off to fight in the frontline. Of course the general was killed and King David fucked his wife. There is no real moral to this story, expect that he did regret it for the rest of his life. She was a bitch. This song is called I'm Mad About You".
"...Cette chanson s'appele.. Why Should I Cry For You".
Tijdens When The World Is Running Down: "...c'est ne pas mal..nepas mal ... peut être un peu..forte ... plus forte ... plus forte? ... non?..non?..impossible ... oui? ... incroyable ... alors ... encore une fois ... encore une fois".
Na King Of Pain: "Merci bien. Vous êtes très gentils. Merci bien"; de volgende vijftig seconden deden de heren niets maar het publiek reageerde als een ware heksenketel. Opeens zong Sting de driebeginregels van Jacques Brels Ne Me Quitte Pas: "Ne me quitte pas. [..] Alright chuck it up. Ok we gonna do some very quiet songs". Sommige uit het publiek lieten boe-geroep horen,waarop Sting begon te lachen: "This boy is really tired. We know we gonna be loud again. This first song is called The Wild Wild Sea. One, two, three, four". Na The Soul Cages werd vandaag When The Angels Fall weer gespeeld!
Net voor Dance To The Music: "chantez avec moi".
Every Breath You Take werd ongeveer 30 seconden uitgebreid en daarna zei Sting: "thank you. Goodnight, merci bien. Bonsoir".
Before Fragile: "Lots of people today, they asked me to sing a song for them. This is it. This is for the people in James Bay". The James Bay lowlands were threatened by the build of a large storage lake.

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