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17-02-1991 / New York City, NY / Beacon Theatre / USA
Setlist same as: 13-02-1991.
Support act: Kennedy Rose, Vinx.
"Thank you. Well, this is our third night here at the Beacon. It's very hot here tonight, huh? You can take some clothes off. I don't mind really. Sweat? I don't mind". Sting told the same story as he has been telling since the shows in Los Angeles: "This next song was inspired by a story in the bible. It's about King David who at the height of his political power fell in love with someone else's wife. This woman was married to a soldier, so King David manufactured a war somewhere and sent the poor soldier off to fight the battle. And of course the soldier was killed and King David schtooked the wife and then regreted it for the rest of his life". Today Sting added: "I was just wondering today whether George Bush sent our troups to Saudi Arabia, so he gets mister Schwarzkoph's ... I don't think so. I just throwed that out there". Pointing to his boots: "these boots really are an expression of solidarity withour troups in the Gulf. This is called I'm Mad About You".
After Sting drank some of his tea someone in the audience started to shout: "What did you say? 'If that's tea, I'll blow you'. What do you mean? I'm red. Ok, I'm red. Thank God, it's tea. I don't know what to say now. This song is called Jeremiah Blues".
After Ain't No Sunshine: "I'm gonna proof this is tea. There's a tea-bag in here. Of course, what do you think of that? There you go. Smart playing insult". When Sting wanted to continued his story a girl shouted: "take your shirt off". It took a while before Sting replied: "Take YOUR shirt off, baby. Come on. Come on. [...]. It's Howard Stern down there. I'm sure".
After Message In A Bottle: "Ok, we could go off and pretend ... Why bother? Who recognizes this song?".
Dolette McDonald joined on vocals during Every Breath You Take together with Vinx and Kennedy Rose.

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