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12-02-1991 / Chicago, IL / Arie Crown Theatre / USA
All This Time - Mad About You - Jeremiah Blues (Part 1) - Why Should I Cry For You - Ain't No Sunshine - I Miss You Kate - Roxanne - Bring On The Night/ When The World Is Running Down - Fortress Around Your Heart - Island Of Souls/ The Wild Wild Sea/ The Soul Cages/ When The Angels Fall- Purple Haze - Message In A Bottle - Tea In The Sahara/ Walking On The Moon/ Get Up Stand Up - Every Breath You Take - Fragile/ Home On The Range
Support act: Kennedy Rose, Vinx.
Capacity: 4,319.
"Nice to be back in Chicago. My kind of town. All right, on the keyboards is tonight David Sancious. On the drums Vinnie Colaiuta. You know this guy? On the guitar, from England, Dominic Miller. This song is called Mad About You".
"Any requests? Roxanne? No, I won't do that song again since it became elevator music", joked Sting. Turning to Dominic, Vinnie and David: "You guys know Roxanne?".
"This next song is called Fortress Around Your Heart. What very strange is, that every time I sang this song in the past couple of weeks. It reminds me of CNN. Fortress Around Your Heart".
".At this point of the show I wanna try something a little different..we're gonna play five songs in a row..all these songs are kind of connected..thematically and musically and..whatever ... they are all about the sea ... they are all about where I come from ... and stuff like that ... this first song is called Islands Of Souls".
Again the medley Tea In The Sahara/ Walking On The Moon was played. Sting extended the bass-line of Walking On The Moon and started to sing Bob Marley's Get Up Stand Up.
During Every Breath You Take: "on the keyboard professor David Sancious".
Fragile was extended with the classic Home On The Range.


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