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21-08-1988 / Bristol, CT / Lake Compound Festival Park / USA
Intro/ The Lazarus Heart/ Too Much Information - We'll Be Together - Englishman In New York - Rock Steady - One World - If You Love Somebody Set Them Free - Bring On The Night/ When The World Is Running Down - King Of Pain - They Dance Alone - Consider Me Gone - Be Still My Beating My Heart - Fragile/ Little Wing/ From Me To You ** Home On The Range - Don't Stand So Close To Me ** Every Breath You Take - Message In A Bottle
Attendance: 20,000.
"Nice to be back in Connecticut. Or as the English say: Connect-icut. It's just a funny way we speak. How do you feel out there? This song is called I'm an Englishman In New York. Which of course is not true. Let me have a look at you".
Before If You Love Somebody Set Them Free: "This next song is dedicated to a man who is seventy years old. He's been in prison for 25 years. He has the virtuosi, he has never committed a crime. This man is called Nelson Mandela. This song is also for all the children in South African jail. You'd be surprised how many there are".
Sister Moon wasn't performed.
During When The World Is Running Down: "OK Connecticut. Let's have a little test. I like tests. Looks to me if there are like 20,000 people here tonight. So, by definition 20,000 people should make an awful lot of noise. Right? In fact, my estimation is if we do it loud enough they could here us in New York City or Boston. Who knows. It would give me great satisfaction to get complains from New York tonight. So lets do this: I sing a line, you sing it back to me. I sing another line, and you sing it back to me". After the community-singing: "What do you think Dolette? It was just average, right. Don't let me down! 20,000 people can make more noise than that. One more time".
"This song is called Consider Me Gone. This song also reminds me of George Bush and Ronald Reagan. What shall we do George? Where is George? Where the fuck is George?".

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