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[Updated: August 12, 2001]

05-03-1988 / Omaha, NE / Civic Auditorium / USA
Intro/ The Lazarus Heart/ Too Much Information - We'll Be Together - Englishman In New York - Sister Moon - Rock Steady - Murder By Numbers - Straight To My Heart - One World - If You Love Somebody Set Them Free - Consider Me Gone - Bring On The Night/ When The World Is Running Down ** They Dance Alone - King Of Pain - Be Still My Beating Heart - Fragile/ Little Wing/ From Me To You ** Fortress Around Your Heart - Don't Stand So Close To Me ** The Secret Marriage - Home On The Range - Message In A Bottle
• Setlist same as: 23-02-1988, but Roxanne was omitted and Home On The Range was added after The Secret Marriage.
Before Straight To My Heart: "Thank you. What Jimmy didn't understand was I R O N Y. What does that mean? Wait a minute, what does I R O N Y spelled? Omaha! No, it doesn’t. O dear. This is the capital of Nebreska, right? No? What is the capital of Nebreska? Sorry. This next song is in 7/4, right? No?".
After One World: "In case you had any doubts, that was the Twist".
Before Consider Me Gone: "[..] go to Kansas. Which is the capital of which state? Nebreska? Iowa? How do you spell it? I'm English, how do I know?".
Before Message In A Bottle Sting performed a short version of the tradional Home On The Range.

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