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[Updated: August 12, 2001]

02-03-1988 / Madison, WI / Dane County Coliseum / USA
Setlist same as: 23-02-1988.
Before Englishman In New York: "It's nice to be back in Madison. It has been 10 years ago since I have been here".
"How do you feel now? I feel better too, actually. That song was my reaction to my favourite television here in this country, which ofcourse is TV-evagalism. It's was more fascinating, then horrific. It's not in my nature to kick a man when he's down. Why are you laughing? It's not in my nature to kick a man when he's down, but Jimmy Swaggart, four years ago, Jimmy Swaggart said this: 'This song here by the Police, Murder By Numbers, was written by the Devil, Satan, we have a song of Satan here, Beelzebub, Lucifer, the Horned One. Evil [??]'. I wrote the fucking song".
Before Straight To My Heart: "Thank you. It spells: I R N O Y. This next song is in 7/4 time. What the fuck does that mean? Any music students here? We are all music students, aren't we? 7/4 time. Let me see, how can I explain that. Count to seven then the bar changes".
Before Roxanne someone announced: "Ladies and gentlemen, we have just heard news from New York City that Sting has won a Grammy". Sting won the award for "Best Pop Vocal Performance" for the live-album Bring On The Night at the 30th Annual Grammy Awards. Sting: "Thank you. Thank you very much. I just like to say, I'm very grateful and I already have a Grammy".
Before Message In A Bottle: "This is Danny. Who wants to take Danny home? Come on, he is beautiful. Who wants to take Danny home? How many? I should take him home myself, I suppose. What do you want now? That is a Bon Jovi song, isn't? You Give Love A Bad Name. I don't know that". The audience started booing. "Please, I love Bon Jovi. I like both of them. What else? Madonna? Living In A Material World. Living In A Material World, Cause I'm A Material Girl. What do you want? Something in a bottle. What was it? I got to remember that. D-flat minor-9th".

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