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[Updated: August 12, 2001]

11-02-1988 / Ottawa, Ont. / Civic Center / CANADA
• Setlist same as: 07-02-1988.
• Attendance: 17,000.
Before Englishman In New York: "It's very important to move back a little bit. Please. Merci bien".
Before Straight To My Heart: "Merci bien. In English now. Someone will translate. This is not fun. This is like… How can you listen to music, when it's really like cattle? There is plenty of room on the sides. Would you please move. I can't sing when people are suffering down here. People are pretend to have a good time. People are dying down here. Please move to the side or we'll go off. Please move to the side. Stop the music. Would you please move back and move to the side or there is no music. Nothing. I'm serious. COME ON, MOVE BACK! Move back and move to the side. I'll stay here all night. I'll just stand here. Come on, be sensible". The message was also told in French by the promotor (?). While the people actually moved back to the show was continued.
Before Consider Me Gone Sting told the break after the next two numbers: "So that we can built a barrier down here. One that works. I would like to put our hands together for the men that are holding you back. Come on".
Before The Secret Marriage: "This song is for lovers. Also for Kenny and Tracy".
Before Message In A Bottle: "I was worrying about that when you go home your mum will ask: 'Where is your [??]'. 'I gave it to Sting', he said. When he wants it back, it's backstage". "This is Danny. Danny is responsible for my guitar not working". Sting performed an accapella version of Message In A Bottle.

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