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21-01-1988 / Miami, FL / James L. Knight Centre / USA
Intro/ The Lazarus Heart/ Too Much Information - We'll Be Together - Englishman In New York - Sister Moon - Rock Steady - Straight To My Heart - Spirits In The Material World - One World - History Will Teach Us Nothing/ Get Up Stand Up - Consider Me Gone - Bring On The Night/ When The World Is Running Down ** They Dance Alone - Fragile/ Little Wing/ From Me To You - Roxanne - Be Still My Beating Heart - Fortress Around Your Heart - Don't Stand So Close To Me ** The Secret Marriage - Message In A Bottle
Setlist same as: 20-01-1988, but If You Love Somebody Set Them Free was omitted and Be Still My Beating Heart was performed after Roxanne.
Attendance: 5,000.
During the show Sting had a lot of troubles with his voice. During several songs he sang as less as possible and encouraged the audience to fill him in.
During the intro of Englishman In New York: "It's nice to be back in Miami. I was told you won some kind of championship. What was it about? National Comedian Championship. This is ... what is this? I know what this is".
Before Straight To My Heart: "I feel better now. How do you feel? Well, I'm lying if I say that I feel comfortable, I really have a sour throat. That only means one thing. If you know any of these lyrics, you have to sing. OK? Just to help me out. What do you think?" and he continued telling the "7/4 time" story.
"Let me tell you something. Tonight we're gonna take a little break and have a cup of tea for my throat. Maybe in half a hour. And then I'll come back. I'm gonna give plenty more of these, so don't go home. We'll play all night. This song is Spirits In The Material World".
After Consider Me Gone Sting told about Delmar Brown: "Now he can sing. I don't know how he does it. As soon as I find out, I'm gonna fire him. After this next song we have a little break. Then someone is gonna massage me. Haven't picked her yet. [laughed]. And we come back and play. This song is called Bring On The Night".
"This song is dedicated to someone from Florida, who's no longer with us. This is for Jaco Pastorius. It's called Fragile".
"At this part of the show I normally sing a song called ... Roxanne. Tonight is different. YOU'RE gonna sing Roxanne. For a [..] singer, this is gonna be raw meat. So I'll start you off and you finish it. OK? What do you think, can we do it? I forgot this is Miami, right. You know it's high". Sting only sang a few lines and made a few remarks ("brilliant", "this is a high one"). The audience did the rest.
Sting didn't do the "hiho"-ing during the intro of Don't Stand So Close To Me.
"Does this hat suits me or what? What do you mean 'no'? It's just my size, BIG. The Beastie Boys. OK, you might have to sing this off" and started to play the intro of Message In A Bottle. Again the audience sang most of the song and Sting remarked: "speed it up", "now you", "you do very well, what's the next line?".
Sting ended the show by saying: "Thank you Miami. We won't forget you. Goodnight".
Due to Sting's sour throat the following shows had to be cancelled:
22-01-1988 Miami, FL "James L. Knight Centre" USA
24-01-1988 Atlanta, GA "The Fox Theatre" USA
25-01-1988 Atlanta, GA "The Fox Theatre" USA
26-01-1988 Nashville, TN "Ophry House" USA

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