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[Updated: August 12, 2001]

20-01-1988 / Tampa, FL / Sun Dome / USA
Intro/ The Lazarus Heart/ Too Much Information - We'll Be Together - Englishman In New York - Sister Moon - Rock Steady - Straight To My Heart - Spirits In The Material World - One World - History Will Teach Us Nothing/ Get Up Stand Up - If You Love Somebody Set Them Free - Consider Me Gone - Bring On The Night/ When The World Is Running Down ** They Dance Alone - Be Still My Beating Heart - Fragile/ Little Wing/ From Me To You - Roxanne - Fortress Around Your Heart - Don't Stand So Close To Me ** The Secret Marriage - Message In A Bottle
During the intro of Englishman In New York: "It's nice to be back in Tampa. How are you? This is the start of our American tour. We're gonna play for a long long time tonight. What we're gonna do in the middle is have a break. So in a hour we're gonna we have a break for ten minutes and come back. Don't worry. This song is ... what is it?".
"Someone today said: 'what have you done to your hair?'. Nothing. This is what it looks like. A sheep-dog. This song is called Straight To My Heart. Any music students here? You are all music students. This is in 7/4. It's fun if you count. Listen", Sting started to count. "Some people say it's dance proof. It's not. Watch", Sting started to dance to the music of the intro of the song.
Before History Will Teach Us Nothing started to read a message loud: "'Dear Sting', no I can't read this".
"We really like a round of applause for someone who has just join us. A man from the South of France. This is Jean-Paul Ceccarelli on the drums. He doesn't speak a word of English. In fact, whenever we call him Croissant Motherfucker. Ça va J.P.? Ça va bien, oui? Vous alors. It's very cute, he looks like [?]. This song is called Bring On The Night".
"I'm a contrary kind of person, I'm gonna change the setlist. I speak to the lighting man, I'm sorry about this. We are gonna do a different number, sorry. Flash the lights. This song is called Be Still My Beating Heart and I just wanna play it, that's all".
"I like to dedicate this next song to a friend of ours. Someone who is a native from Florida. This is song is called Fragile and is for Jaco Pastorius". On 21-09-1987 Jaco, a respected bass player in the jazz scene, died after he was beaten up at a club in Fort Lauderdale.

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