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01-05-1987 / Hamburg / Schauspielhaus (Brecht & Weill evening) (1st set: 8.00 pm) / GERMANY
Sting returned to London from U.S.A. on 24-04-1987. A few days later he flew to Germany to join Eberhard Schoener.
Eberhard Schoener directed the Philarmonischen Staatsorchesters Hamburg. Together with Jack Bruce and Gianna Nannini Sting sang songs by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill. Two shows were played this evening. Starting at 8.00pm and 11.00pm.

1. Ouvertüre der Dreigroschen-Oper
2. Moritat von Mackie Messer - Sting
3. Die Seeräuber-Jenny - Gianna Nannini
4. Der Kanonensong - Jack Bruce
5. Das Liebesduett - Sting/ Gianna Nannini
6. Die Ballade von der sexuellen Hörigkeit - Sting
7. Lieder aus Mahagoni (instrumental)
8. Alabama-Song - Gianna Nannini
9. Zuhälter-Ballade - Sting/ Gianna Nannini
10. Moritat von Mackie Messer - Jack Bruce/ Gianna Nannini/ Sting
11. Ach bedenken Sie, Herr Jacob Schmidt - Gianna Nannini
12. Wie man sich bettet... - Gianna Nannini
13. Lost In The Stars - Jack Bruce
14. Bilbao-Song - Jack Bruce
15. Surabaya Johnny - Gianna Nannini
16. Lonely House - Sting
17. September-Song - Jack Bruce
18. Lullaby for String-Quartet (George Gershwin) - (performed on 4 electric guitars by the group "Quartetto") (instrumental)
19. Soldato in amorato - Gianna Nannini
20. 12-Ton-Suite aus: Lost In The Stars - Eberhard Schoener
21. Wie der Wind weht (Hans Eisler) - Sting
22. An meinen kleinen Radio-Apparat (lyrics: Bertolt Brecht/ music: Hans Eisler) - Sting (music as The Secret Marriage)

Udo Dahmen - drums
Achim Gieseler - keyboards
George Kochbek - keyboards + bass
Klaus Kreuzeder - saxophone
Paul Vincent-Gunia - guitar
Tilo Prückner - taleteller

The two shows In Hamburg were filmed and recorded by German Television (ARD) and have since been broadcasted a couple of times.

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