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17-10-1985 / Miami, FL / Hollywood Sportatorium / USA
Shadows In The Rain - Driven To Tears - Consider Me Gone - Children's Crusade - One World/ Love Is The Seventh Wave - We Work The Black Seam - Bring On The Night/ When The World Is Running Down - Another Day - Moon Over Bourbon Street - Fortress Around Your Heart - Low Life - I Burn For You - If You Love Somebody Set Them Free ** Roxanne - Down So Long ** Every Breath You Take - Need Your Love So Bad - The Dream Of The Blue Turtles/ Demolition Man ** Message In A Bottle
Setlist same as: 09-09-1985.
Before Shadows In The Rain: "Hello Miami, Fort Lauderdale. How are you? Are you ready? Let's go".
Before Consider Me Gone: "On keyboards, the icecream man Kenny Kirkland" and later: "This next song is called after today Consider Me Gone. The story of my life".
Before We Work The Black Seam: "It's teatime in England, so I'm gonna have a cup of tea. Cheers. What's this? A present. 'Please call me'. What the hell is it? Do you know what these things are great for?". Sting rubbed the present over his guitar, which made some loud noise. "Thank you. That song was called Love Is The Seventh Wave. Someone today said to me: 'Hé Sting, is that a surfing song?'. I suppose it is. Any surfers in the audience?". A lot of people started yelling. "So I'm outnumbered. This next song has nothing to do with surfing. It's about coalmining in the North of England. This is called We Work The Black Seam".
During the intro of Another Day: "Every night when I sing this song I ask my singers to do exactly what I do. Right? Every now and then I fuck them off. Tonight I want you to sing what I sing and then I fuck you up". From now on Sting sang the intro of this sing together with the audience instead of singing it with Janice and Dolette.
Before Roxanne: "Bring my guitar, Daniel. Would you? What shall I sing. What? One at the time. What shall I sing?".
Before Message In A Bottle: "Thank you South Florida. Tonight you have been good".

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