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[Updated: August 12, 2001]

23-09-1985 / New York City, NY / Radio City Music Hall / USA
Setlist same as: 09-09-1985.
Capacity: 5,874.
Sting performed the first of seven shows at the Radio City Music Hall.
Before Consider Me Gone: "In January this year I came to New York City and I decided to look for some musicians. Because I thought New York City has the best musicians and the seems to be right. On the saxophone Branford Marsalis. On the keyboard is Kenny Kirkland. On the bass is Darryl Jones. On the drums is Omar Hakim. My singers are Janice Pendarvis and Dolette McDonald. I have a problem tonight. I have a problem most night, but tonight the problem is that the lights are so bright that I can only see about twenty feet. So to make me feel better I like the people in the top balcony to make noise. Now the people in the middle balcony. You are not in the middle balcony, fool. Now the lower balcony. Now the floor. Now everybody is here, this song is called Consider Me Gone".
Before We Work The Black Seam: "It's teatime in England, so I'll have my cup of tea now. This is Danny, my assistant. Danny has a very complicated job. From the side of the stage, he works me with his foot. Very clever".
During Every Breath You Take a girl ran up stage and clinched herself to Sting.
Before Need Your Love So Bad: "It's impossible to play the guitar with a girl hanging over it. I mean it's not. Thank you for your devotion. Please be careful it's very dangerous up here. They let you been stung".
During the intro of Need Your Love So Bad Sting's guitar sounded out of tune: "Stop with it. Now you see what happened? That girl came and sabotaged my guitar. Now it's out of tune. Listen to this. How fuck can I do the show? Luckily I bought two guitars. This one is for you Jodicy. That sounds better. Right, we'll start again. OK? Stop laughing at me, very embarrassing".
Before Message In A Bottle: "Thank you. It's a bit like coming home. I've had a great time. Don't know what to say, I'll just sing".


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