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27-02-1985 / New York City, NY / The Ritz / USA
Roxanne - Shadows In The Rain - Driven To Tears - Children's Crusade - One World - We Work The Black Seam - Bring On The Night/ When The World Is Running Down - Moon Over Bourbon Street - I Burn For You - If You Love Somebody Set Them Free - Low Life - Down So Long - Message In A Bottle - Need Your Love So Bad ** Demolition Man
Setlist same as: 25-02-1985, but Demolition Man was added and performed as an extra encore.
Attendance: 1,900; sellout.
Before Driven To Tears: "Thank you. Well, how are you? Over here, center stage, is the reason why I have given up playing bass. Darryl Jones. Packed away in the far corner is the Doctor. Kenny Kirkland. Come on. You probably know this song".
Before Children's Crusade: "I feel I owe to explain myself a little. What you are gonna hear tonight are a lot of new songs, which haven't been heard before. Apart from []. It's experimental in a way. This first new song is the Children's Crusade. The first part is about the [..] chapter of British history, which is the First World War. The second part is about, well it's a surprise".
Before One World: "I think I get an armchair and sit back and watch this band. Alright Dolette, what has happened to your hair? Look at that. You know this song".
Before We Work The Black Seam: "Who's that screaming? I get paid to scream and wrack my voice. This next song is about coalmining. This is an unusual subject for a pop song. Over in my country it happens to be a very important issue".
Before Moon Over Bourbon Street: "This next song was inspired by numerous things. One was a book called Interview With A Vampire by Anne Rice. Do you really know this book? The second source of inspiration was New Orleans. Great city. Branford's hometown. The plot was Interview With A Vampire takes places in 19th century New Orleans in the French Quarter. And it's about a vampire who is an unwilling vampire. He becomes a vampire by accident. Some guy came along and sucks his neck. You know the feeling. And he becomes trapped in this way of life and he has to go on sucking other people's necks and limps. Unfortunately his is been left unconscious. The poor man is poored between good and evil. He knows he does wrong, but he can't help it. Anyway, it goes like this".
Before I Burn For You: How could I do this? I could do Pepsi Cola adverts. Ten million dollars. This song is from a film called Brimstone & Treacle.It's called I Burn For You".
Before If You Love Somebody Set Them Free: "What's next? This is a nice song. It's called If You Love Somebody Set Them Free. Novel idea. Love my trousers".
After the shows at The Ritz Sting returned to London.

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