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25-02-1985 / New York City, NY / The Ritz / USA
Roxanne - Shadows In The Rain - Driven To Tears - Children's Crusade - One World - We Work The Black Seam - Bring On The Night/ When The World Is Running Down - Moon Over Bourbon Street - I Burn For You - If You Love Somebody Set Them Free - Low Life - Down So Long - Message In A Bottle - Need Your Love So Bad ** Demolition Man
Attendance: 1,900; sellout.
A local radio station announced the three shows at The Ritz. All tickets were sold within two hours.
Before Shadows In The Rain: "Thank you. On the saxophone is Branford Marsalis. This is an old friend, Janis Pendarvis. And mrs. Dolette McDonald. Give me a drink. I need a drink. On the drums tonight is Omar Hakim".
"For some reason I'm awfully nervous. On the keyboards over here is Doctor Kenny Kirkland. Come on. On the bass is Darryl Jones. This song is called Driven To Tears".
"Now we come to the interesting part of the evening. What you are about to hear, has never been heard before. Wait for it! We are gonna play about five songs. [..] We only learned them seven days ago, so we better be good. Right? This song is called the Children's Crusade. It's about old people abuse young people. You know what I mean? It goes like this?".
Before One World: "This song always had a special place in your heart, because you can sing it. If you don't sing, I'll be extremely pissed off".
Before We Work The Black Seam: "Can't do without my [??]. [??] maybe. OK, this is another new song about coalmining. This song is so new, that here is the lyrics. There is no show[??] tonight, just in case I forget. We are now turning on the drummachine".Before Bring On The Night: "Thank you. I apologize about my back to [??]. It's not a bad back of course. OK, this is an old song".
Before Moon Over Bourbon Street: "OK, here is another new song. One of my favourite novels is a book called Interview With A Vampire by Ann Rice. The hero is a vampire in the 19th century. He is attacked and becomes a vampire. Unfortunately his conscience and his morality are in tact, so he has to spend the rest of eternity sucking blood. But still he has a conscience about this. This caracter is very [??]. I wrote this song in New Orleans, which is Branford's hometown. I laid awake late at night in the French Quarter. You know the French Quarter? It was a full moon and I worte this song".
"Thank you. Did you like that song? This is Brian. This is a song that not many people have heard. It's called I Burn For You. How many people have heard that song? OK, Omar".
"Let's look at the list. This song is called If You Love Somebody Set Them Free".
"This is another old song. This song is called Low Life. Very obscure song".
"Looks like [??]. It's amazing really. This is a really old song. I didn't write it. It's called I'd been Down So Long, being down don't bother me. It's written by Freddie King".
"This song is by Little Willy John. It's called I Need Your Love So Bad".
At the end of the show: "Thank you. Thanks for coming. See you again. Bye bye".

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