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[Updated: August 12, 2001]

19-11-1983 / Austin, TX / South Park Meadows / USA
Support act: UB40.
Before Walking On The Moon: "Yes, I think this is a good idea. I like playing outside in the winter. Let's do this every winter. How about Christmas day? We once did a gig in a circustent. We did. This song is called, turn around, look at that, Walking On The Moon".
"If I get blown off the stage, it will catch you. You promise. Are you ready sir? Keep you hands like that, just in case. In fact there is more danger across this side of the stage. He is lighter than I am. So you girls, just keep your hands, you know". Andy: "I hope I go down there". Sting: "But give him back. This song is called O MY GOD".
"Thank you very much. That was rather good actually. How do you feel? How do you really feel? Are you people OK down there, now you fell down? You got to be carefull, you might get crushed. Good, I want you to go home in one piece tonight. It's a full moon, you got to be carefull. This song is called Wrapped Around Your Finger".
Before Hole In My Life: "Are you cold? I should think you were somehow. You should be up here. I don't know what's next. O yes, I do. In this song you have to say, a great American phrase, 'Yeah'".
"This whole thing is kind of moving in the wind. Thrilling, isn't it. Nature and everything. This song is called Invisible Sun. A play thing of the elements, that's what we are. Hahaha".
During Invisible Sun: "I want to hear this on my monitors. O yes".
During the intro of Can't Stand Losing You Sting sang the line "I'm dreaming of a white Christmas" and added: "How about you, Dolette?".

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