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06-09-1983 / Los Angeles, CA / Hollywood Park / USA
Voices Inside My Head - Synchronicity I - Synchronicity II - Walking In Your Footsteps - Message In A Bottle - Walking On The Moon - O My God/ De Do Do Do De Da Da Da - Wrapped Around Your Finger - Tea In The Sahara - Spirits In The Material World - Hole In My Life - Invisible Sun - One World - King Of Pain ** Don't Stand So Close To Me - Murder By Numbers - Every Breath You Take - Roxanne ** Can't Stand Losing You ** So Lonely
• Support act: Thompson Twins, The Fixx, Berlin.
• Attendance: 75,000.
"It's nice to be in Los Angeles. I like playing in places where we haven't done gigs before. Are you people down here alright? Are you sure? It's like hell down here, have a look. They must have let the [lunies?] out. Did they? This is called Walking On The Moon".
"I just hope these aeroplanes know where they are flying to, that's all. As long as they stay on the other side. Can you hear them? I can't hear them. Well, you look great from here. It looks like the Ten Commandments, maybe three of them. This is called O My God".
"You know that when you come to see The Police, you have to work as hard as we do. Don't you? Every drop of sweat. Good title for a song actually. I'll write it later. What do you think? What do you really think? Would you come here again? That's nice to know. I bought the racetrack. This is called Wrapped Around Your Finger".
During Spirits In The Material World a shoe was thrown on stage. After Sting asked for the other the second shoe was thrown on stage.
Before King Of Pain: "You see what I mean? This person will be hoping home. I mean, I feel sorry for you. I'm gonna keep this as a momento of this evening. I should hang this on my wall. What's next? O yes. Very good. I'm glad you are warming up. I certainly am. After this next song we're gonna do something slightly different. It's every Englishman's right and privillege, after working for one hour, to have a teabreak. Which is exactly what we are going to do. Three minutes of teabreak. The nice thing for you is, you can watch on these screens. Meanwhile…".
After the teabreak: "Thank you for your indulgencement".
Before Murder By Numbers: "Thank you. You know the first time we came to Los Angeles? I don't know how many years ago. We played at the Whiskey-A-Go-Go. And than we got a little more famous and we played at the Rollerskaterrink. And than we played somewhere like Santa Monica Civic. And than we were promoted to a place .. The Forum. Yes, The Forum. And than we played that again. And than we played last year or somewhere else. Sport Stadium, yeah. And now we are here. What do you know? This song is about the cynical manupilation of large numbers of people. It's called Murder By Numbers".
Every Breath You Take was started in a slow way.
During Roxanne Sting sang a few lines: "Please, don't treat me this way".
During Can't Stand Losing You: "Yeah, you know, Andy likes that bit. It reminds him of World War II". Andy replied: "Thank you, Adolph". Sting continued: "Is anybody here from the Valley? Wouldn't it be great if you went home tonight and your mums and dads said 'What was that fucking row I heard?'. There is a way of doing it. You can really piss your parents of if you do as I do every night. Watch my hand, listen to my voice, do as I do". And later: "You think your mums and dads heard that? I don't. I wasn't fucking loud enough. 80,000 people are louder than that. Let's go. That's better. One more time. Very good. No problem".
Before So Lonely: "You want some more? I mean, you really want to got to. You really want some more? Don't know any more songs. I don't know what the fuck this is. Somebody's curtains. The next song represents a paradox. I don't know what that means, either".
During So Lonely: "I'd like to try an expirement now. I'm full of tricks like that. All the people in the stand I want you to try dancing. Like this. Yeah, completely out of time. Be careful though. You might bring the [??] [laughs]. Now all the people down here you do the same. Come on".

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