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20-08-1983 / Philadelphia, PA / John F. Kennedy Stadium / USA
Support act: R.E.M., Madness, Joan Jett & The Blackhearts.
Attendance: 45,000.
The show was supposed to be held at the indoor arena, the Spectrum, across the street but was changed to the stadium. The show was performed in the late afternoon. The weather was very hot.
Before Synchronicity I: "Hello Philadelphia. Are you hot? I'm certainly hot. Where's my monitor? It's 98 degrees. That's the same temperature as blood. We'll do the shows without monitors. Fuck it. Let's go".
"It's hot up here. Are you OK? Do you like a drink? This is totally inappropriate, this is called Walking On The Moon".
Before O My God: "I tell you, this stage is so hot if you keep your feet in the same place at the same time, you burn. It makes a good dance. Watch. Don't know the origin of the particular step".
Before Wrapped Around Your Finger: "There is a girl with a blue bikini on there. You are very distractive. She's there. What's that guy doing between your legs? I can't perform with this going on".
Sting was standing right in the sun: "I can't see you. I think the next time we play Philly, we have to play at night. You see this aeroplane. We took a similar flight about an hour ago and we saw you. You looked good from there. This is called there is a Hole In My Life. Hole in my jacket".
"Why does the sun always shine on me? Every time. I shouldn't complain. After this next song I'm gonna take a short break. Have a drink, a cup of tea. Meanwhile, this is called King Of Pain".
After returning to stage after the short break: "Thank you for your indulgence. I promise you, this is the hottest gig of my career. How about yours? Next time, Philadelphia in the middle of winter. An outdoor gig in the snow would be fantastic. Freezing rain, ice cold winds. I'm going fucking mad".
"I might congratulate the people in the far corner up there for the finest stadium dance I've ever seen. Give them a round of ... you missed them all. It was like a formation dance made of ten people. All in amazing formation. Would you do in the next number please. In fact, why don't you all it. Everybody in the back copy them. Who remembers Grendel's Lair? I do. I was there. This is called Murder By Numbers".
Before Don't Stand So Close To Me: "Once upon a time in a land far away there was a school teacher. His name was ... his name was ... his name was ... it escaped me somehow".
Before Can't Stand Losing You: "You do want some more, don't you? I have lost half a stone up here. What about you, Andy? You can't afford to lose half a stone".
Backing vocals were provided by Tessa Niles and Snady Owens.


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