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[Updated: March 23, 2005]

15-08-1983 / Norfolk, VA / The Scope / USA
ē Voices Inside My Head - Synchronicity I - Synchronicity II - Walking In Your Footsteps - Message In A Bottle - Walking On The Moon - O My God - De Do Do Do De Da Da Da - Wrapped Around Your Finger - Tea In The Sahara - Spirits In The Material World - Hole In My Life/ Hit The Road Jack - Invisible Sun - One World - King Of Pain ** Every Breath You Take - Murder By Numbers - Don't Stand So Close To Me - Roxanne ** Can't Stand Losing You..
ē Support act: R.E.M.
Before Walking In Your Footsteps: "It's nice to be back".
While Sting's bass Brian was carried on stage: "Bring my old friend on. Nice place here. Nice when it's finished. This is called Walking On The Moon. It looks like the bloody moon".
Before O My God: "Are you hot down here? You are not as hot as I am". Andy replied: "I am".
"Well? Well? It's nice to be back in Norfolk, Virginia. You know, Stewart is from Virginia. He has come back. Now he's at the back. This song is called Wrapped Around Your Finger".
Before Hole In My Life: "This is a very old song. No, it's not the National anthem, but what a fucking one should be".
At the end of Invisible Sun Sting sang a few lines of Wouldn't It Be Loverly from "My Fair Lady".
"Listen. Listen to me. Because the tonight show is rather long, as Englishmen we demand our right to have a teabreak. Teabreak. It is in the Union Rules. After this next song we're going off to have a spot of tea, as it's known in England. You don't mind, do you? It's only for three minutes. Meanwhile this is called King Of Pain".
During Can't Stand Losing You: "Alright Norfolk. This is Norfolk, isnít? This place was designed to make a lot of noise. And I use noise in its widest sense. Letís try to make this building work for us. Letís try and sort this architecture out. You know what I mean? If we sing loud enough we might make a dent in the dome. We could change the shape of this building. Just by the power of all of our voices. Can you imagine it? Rock Ďní roll destroys sports stadium. Sting is guilty. Follow me".
Later during Can't Stand Losing You: "That was fun wasnít it? Yeah, that was great fun. Shall we do it again. No".


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