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31-07-1982 / Gateshead / International Stadium / UK
Voices Inside My Head - Message In A Bottle - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - Walking On The Moon - Spirits In The Material World - Hungry For You - When The World Is Running Down - The Bed's Too Big Without You - De Do Do Do De Da Da Da - Demolition Man - Shadows In The Rain - Driven To Tears - Bring On The Night - One World - Invisible Sun - Roxanne ** Don't Stand So Close To Me - Can't Stand Losing You/ Be My Girl ** So Lonely
Festival line-up: Lords Of The New Church, Gang Of Four, The Beat, U2, The Police.
Attendance: 12,500.
The stadium was far from being sold out.
During the show Sting remarked about his feelings towards the English press (The Sun & Daily Mail) and Virgin Records. Sting introduced Andy as "The Sun's mystery blonde" and called the Daily Mail "nosey bastards".
Before Don't Stand So Close To Me Sting reffered to the TV commercial which used to song: "I'll tell you something for nothing. I HATE BODY MIST. I THINK IT STINKS. I think Virgin Music stinks. I think Illegal Protest stinks".
Before Be My Girl: "Alright, this is a very, very, very special night for me. Seven years ago I left this town and I said: 'I'm gonna make it', whatever that meant. It's nice to come back in part of the way. Sing with me".
Virtually all the stage effects were wasted, because the lack of a backdrop behind the stage. All the smoke blew straight out the back, while most of The Police's light show was rendered useless.
Bono, the leadsinger of U2, joined The Police during the end of Invisible Sun.
The complete show was filmed and parts were broadcasted in "The Tube" on Channel4 in 01-1983.

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