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[Updated: July 30, 2001]

16-01-1982 / Landover, MD / Capital Center / USA
Setlist same as: 10-01-1982.
Support act: The Go-Go's.
Attendance: 15,000.
One of the problems with the vision at the Capitol Centre was that it had snowed heavily around that time and they couldn't hang the speakers from the ceiling, as was intended. They were stacked up on the stage, obscuring the view of spectators on the sides.
Before Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Sting said: "I'm sorry we are so late. We are trying to make it up to you".
Before Spirits In The Material World Sting complained about the poor visibility for people sitting almost behind the stage: "These places take a lot of getting used to. People back here see three assholes most of the time". Stewart added: "People over there don't see anything at all".
Before Hungry For You: "It's a good time to introduce the new members of the group. Over here in the blue corner we got Dave, Darryl and Marvin. Come on, big hand. Us British chaps, Andy and I, becoming outnumbered by the Americans, but what the hell. We're still a good group. This song is in French".
There seemed to be some sound problems during De Do Do Do De Da Da Da.
"This is a miracle cure for my voice. It's a pineapple. Very strange seeing yourself on a dying television. Fuck them I believe. This is called Shadows In The Rain".
Before Bring On The Night: "There is a guy up there in a white T-shirt really enjoying himself. He is as far away as he can get. That's cool. Ha ha ha. Gonna make this room a lot smaller than it is. Jesus Christ".
Just before starting the community singing of Be My Girl Sting said: "I remember the first time we played in this part of the world. Maybe we could decide where this part of the world is. How many people come from Washington? A fucking lot. What about Virginia? Not many people notice, but there is a member of this group that was born in Virginia. And it wasn't me. Ha ha ha. Stewart Copeland, he didn't do badly, didn't he?".
Sting asked how many people were from Washington and Virginia, but forgot to ask how many people were from Maryland. He later said: "I fucked up. How many people are from Maryland?".

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