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[Updated: March 26, 2002]

18-12-1981 / Brighton / Conference Centre / UK
Voices Inside My Head - Message In A Bottle - Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic - Spirits In The Material World - Hungry For You - When The World Is Running Down - The Bed's Too Big Without You - Demolition Man - Walking On The Moon - Shadows In The Rain - Bring On The Night - One World - Invisible Sun - Roxanne ** Don't Stand So Close To Me - Can't Stand Losing You/ Be My Girl ** So Lonely
Attendance: 8,000.
"It's gonna be an interesting evening tonight. Can you see that? I've just been to hospital against some stitches in my hand. But worst of all I got a [??]. This song is called Spirits In The Material World".
"I used to work in Brighton. I was a bell-boy. This song is called Demolition Man".
Before Walking On The Moon: "Why it all got quiet? It really really gone quiet". In reaction the audience started to sing.
Before Be My Girl: "I'll do my annual survey of British cities. What's this place called. It's not Bournmouth, is it? Blackpool? It's BRIGHTOOON. I started the survey on Monday. In London and they did terrible well. [??] people and I think there is about 8,000 here tonight. Right, I want this proof blowing in the wind. Just hold your breath and when I say sing, you sing. Alright? Complete this famous song".

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