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28-08-1980 / Fréjus / Les Arènes / FRANCE
Voices Inside My Head - Don't Stand So Close To Me - Walking On The Moon - Deathwish - Fall Out - Bring On The Night - De Do Do Do De Da Da Da - Truth Hits Everybody - The Bed's Too Big Without You - When The World Is Running Down - Driven To Tears - Message In A Bottle - Roxanne ** Can't Stand Losing You ** Next To You - So Lonely
Setlist same as: 22-08-1980, but Driven To Tears and When The World Is Running Down were switched.
Support act: Jools Holland, Skafish, UB40, XTC.
Attendance: ; sellout.
This show was scheduled to be played on 27-08-1980, but had to be moved to the next day because of heavy rainstorms. Bill Wyman of the Rolling Stones visited The Police backstage.
Before De Do Do Do De Da Da Da: "The cunt who threw the mud at me, I'd like to rip his fucking arms off. If you are French ... Va t'enculer!" (which means: "Fuck you!". Actually the correct French is "Va te faire enculer" instead of "Va t'enculer").
During De Do Do Do De Da Da Da Sting pointed out to a guy in the audience and shouted: "You fucking bastard. Ill get you" and later continued "Mother fucker, Ill kill you". Sting called his roadie Larry. When they caught the guy Sting said: "Keep him for me" (OR "Viva for me").
Although Sting announced Driven To Tears The Police first played When The World Is Running Down. During the intro: "A lot of English people there. All of you? What about the French?".
Before Driven To Tears: "This is Driven To Tears. You want to [??] me".
During So Lonely all support acts came out on stage and joined The Police.
Driven To Tears appeared on the Urgh! A Music War compilation album.

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