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[Updated: August 12, 2001]

03-04-1980 / Reggio Emilia / Palasport / ITALY
Setlist same as: 02-04-1980.
Support act: The Cramps.
Attendance: 10,000; sellout.
The show was scheduled to be played in Roma, but the authorities feared riots and cancelled the show. To avoid riots in Reggio Emilia the doors were opened at 4.00pm. The police tried to disperse the huge crowd outside the venue by using tear-gas. About 2.000 people without tickets manage to sneak in by breaking open a door. The place was packed. The backstage area was cleared for a while because tear-gas reached this area.
Before Next To You: "Nice to be in Reggio Emilia".
Before So Lonely: "I tell you if anybody spits at me again I'll come down and pull your fucking legg off. Right? FUCK OF".
During Hole In My Life Sting started to become abusive.
"Here is a song called Deathwish. You are not making enough noise to my liking. I'm pissed of. You should be louder than the [??] are".
"This is a song called Driven To Tears. You won't know this one, unless you were in Milan last night. I wish I could speak more Italian. All you English people can fuck off. Are you spitting? I tell you, if you spit at me once more mate than I'll fuck you. Fuck off. You fucking wanker. Strontsel".
Before Bring On The Night: "Quiet a lot. Quiet a lot".
During Can't Stand Losing You: "Alright Reggio Emilia. ALRIGHT REGGIO EMILIA. Fucking whimps. Come up. Wake up. I tell you, last night we played in Milano and they were extremely loud. Very accomadating. You don't meet them. Your fucking asses kicked. It's all a waste of time".
Before Fall Out: "There is a fire down there. I must say you have woken up. Thank God for that".

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