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[Updated: August 12, 2001]

21-03-1980 / Sydney / Hordern Pavilion / AUSTRALIA
"This is a song you won't possibly have heard, unless you were here last week. You were? That's pleasant to know. This is called Driven To Tears".
During Can't Stand Losing You: "This is the second time we've been in this hall. When I asked the first lot to sing with me, they did and sang extremely loud. Then we went to Canberra and they were loud. Then we went to Adelaide and they were loud. Then we went to Melbourne and they were even louder. Then we went to Perth and they were so fucking loud, they blew my ears off. Now we are back in Sydney. It's quite obvious what I want you to do. No explanation, just beat them".
Parts of the show were broadcasted on the radio program "The Final Cut".

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