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[Updated: February 19, 1998]

What follows is a list of all the magazines I have, which have either Sting, Stewart, Andy or the three of them on the cover.

artist name of magazine date country title of article
Sting 20/20 Spring 1991 UK 5 pages: "Staring at the son"
Sting ARENA 12-1994 UK 9 pages: "Sting" (Uli Weber; p.60-69)
Sting BACKSTAGE 02-1991 Belgium 3 pages: "Artiest,Akteur,Aktivist"
Sting BASS & DRUMS 06-1991 France 4 pages: "Retour a la basse"
Sting BASS & DRUMS 04-1993 France 11 pages: "Sting, Colaiuta: coup de maitres"
Sting BASS PLAYER 04-1992 US 13 pages: "Sting"
Sting BASSIST 04-1997 UK 5 pages: "Sting!" (p.14-18); 5 pages: "Police records! [bass transcriptions]" (p.20-24); Added to this magazine was a free CD containing backing tracks of ten Police songs
Police BEST 04-1980 France 6 pages: "Les gendarmes du monde"
Police BEST 08-1981 France 8 pages: "Pause Soleil"
Police BEST 01-1983 France 6 pages: "Police Parallele"
Sting BEST 05-1984 US 7 pages: "Il était 7 fois"
Sting BEST 01-1986 France 8 pages: "Dard, dards"
Sting BEST 11-1987 France 6 pages: "Le deuxième Sting"
Sting BEST 01-1991 France 6 pages: "Les bonnes oeuvres de la Police"
Sting BigO 03-1994 Singapore 6 pages: "Bring on the night"
Police BRAVO 05-03-1981 Germany 1 pages: "Wir brauchen dringend eine Pause"
Sting BUZZ 02-1991 US 6 pages: "You can't go back"
Sting BUZZ 03-1996 France 2 pages: "Possée de Mercure" (Roxanne Mondatta; p.6-7)
Sting CHILI 07-1991 Denmark 2 pages: "Regnskove og faderfigur"
Sting CIAO 2001 03-1993 Italy 4 pages: "Fuori dalla gabbia"
Sting CINEMA 12-1984 Germany 10 pages about "Dune"
Police CREEM 04-1981 US 6 pages: "Interrogating The Police" (J. Kordosh)
Police CREEM 04-1982 US 8 pages: "Every Thing The Police Do Is Magic!" (Chris Salewics)
Police CREEM 11-1983 US 7 pages: "The Police have IT all!" (Dave DiMartino)
Sting CREEM 02-1991 US 10 pages: "Stinging it all back home"
Police CREEM Close-Up 11-1983 US This "Close-Up"-issue is totally devoted to The Police
Police CREEM Special edition 07-1982 US This "Special edition"-issue is totally devoted to The Police
Sting DOWN BEAT 12-1985 US 6 pages: "Blue turtles and blue nores" (Art Lange; p.16-18,51-53)
Sting DUKE 04-12-1982 Australia 2 pages: "Sting: So who believes in magic (pt.1)"
Sting EPOCA 29-05-1991 Italy 9 pages: "La mia voce per una causa"
Sting EURODISC AGENDA 03-1993 Holland 1 page: "Iedereen kent Sting"
Sting FABIOLA 11-1986 Belgium 5 pages: "Klopjacht op The Police"
Sting FABIOLA 12-1987 Belgium 3 pages: "Ach vaderlief, toe zing niet meer!"
Sting FACHBLATT MUSIK MAGAZIN 08-08-1985 Germany 3 pages: "Inspirierte Kunst und spannende Musik"
Sting FILM ILLUSTRIERTE 01-1985 Germany 5 pages about "Dune"
Sting FILM REVIEW 01-1985 UK 2 pages: "Sting"
Sting FLAIR 08-1992 Holland 2 pages: "Waarom nu pas?"
Andy GITARIST 04-1994 Holland 6 pages: "Van Police tot akoestische finesse: Andy Summers"
Sting GQ 06-1985 US 5 pages: "Sting cops out"
Sting GQ 12-1989 US 7 pages: "Did our boy do.." (Jeff Greenfield; p.280-283,334-336)
Sting GQ 12-1991 UK 4 pages: "Every little thing he does..."
Andy GUITAR & BASS 01-1996 France 7 pages: "L'etoile Andy Summers" (Olivier Boassor; p.22-28)
Andy GUITAR & CLAVIERS 04-1985 France 5 pages: "Summers time"
Andy GUITAR PLAYER 09-1982 US 13 pages: "Painting soundscapes with the Police"
Andy GUITAR SYNTH AND MIDI holiday 1987 US 2 pages: "Andy Summers"
Police GUITAR WORLD 11-1992 France 8 pages: "Vous avez demande la Police … ne quittez pas"
Sting HELLO! 29-04-1989 UK 4 pages: "Sting exclusive"
Police HIT MACHINE 1983 UK Fold-out postermagazine ("Folds out into giant colour poster of..")
Police HITSPECIAL 1980 Holland Fold-out postermagazine (size poster: 90x120 cm²)
Sting HOLLAND HERALD (KLM) 03-1996 Holland 3 pages: "Face to face" (Imme Schade van Westrum; p.52-54)
Sting HOLLYWOOD 09-1988 Germany 4 pages: "Double Dealer"
Sting HP 15-02-1986 Holland 6 pages: "Het fenomeen Sting"
Sting IL VENERDI DI REPUBBLICA 05-1996 Italy 7 pages: "In viaggio con Sting" (p.68-76)
Sting IN DUBLIN 11-1996 Ireland 2 pages: "Sting King" (p.32-33)
Stewart INTERNATIONAL MUSICIAN AND RECORDING WORLD 07-1980 UK 3 pages: "Stewart Copeland: On the beat"
Sting INTERNATIONAL MUSICIAN AND RECORDING WORLD 07-1985 US 9 pages: "A milestone Rock Album"
Police INTERVIEW 01-1983 US 4 pages: "Sting" (Bianca Jagger & Andy Warhol)
Sting KATERINA 08-1990 Greece Sting only on cover
Stewart KEYBOARD 02-1988 US 9 pages: "Stewart Copeland talks drum machines"
Sting KEYBOARD 09-1988 US 8 pages: "Kenny Kirkland & Delmar Brown" (Kenny & Delmar are on the cover of this magazine and there is also a small picture of Sting)
Sting KVIZ 28-08-1991 Yugoslavia Sting only on cover
Sting L'ECRAN FANTASTIQUE 02-1985 France 28 pages about Dune
Sting LIBERATION 07-03-1996 France 1 page: "Ce qui distingue Sting" [supplement to newspaper]
Sting MAD - LE SOIR 03-03-1993 Belgium 4 pages: "Les mélodies du bonheur de Sting"
Sting MAKING MUSIC 12-1991 UK 2 pages: "Soul Intension" (Paul Colbert)
Sting MAN 04-1988 Holland 5 pages: "Sting"
Sting MAN 05-1991 Holland 5 pages: "Op zoek naar het verleden"
Sting MAN 16-10-1994 UK 3 pages: "Hot Sumner" (Miles Aldridge; p.66-68); "Man" is a supplement to "The Magazine" of The Sunday Times
Sting MAX 02-1991 Italy free photo-book of Sting was added to magazine
Police MELODY MAKER 01-09-1979 UK ¼ page: small article "Radio On"; 2½ pages: "Heaving Metal versus The World - Reading"
Police MELODY MAKER 22-09-1979 UK 4 pages: "Sting: can't stand losing"
Police MELODY MAKER 26-07-1980 UK 4 pages: "The pressure on Police" (Allan Jones)
Police MELODY MAKER 17-10-1981 UK 3 pages: "High spirits in the material world" (Paul Colbert)
Police MELODY MAKER 04-09-1982 UK 2 pages: "A police man's guide to good and evil" (Paolo Hewitt)
Sting MIKRO GIDS 10-1996 Holland 1 page: "De succesvolle hobby van Sting" (p.66-67)
Sting MIKRO GIDS 11-1997 Holland 1 page: "Dr. Frankenstein maakt een vrouw" (p.6)
Sting MODA 04-1989 Italy 10 pages: "Anatomia di un Massacro"
Stewart MODERN DRUMMER 04-1990 US 8 pages: "Stewart Copeland" (William F. Miller)
Sting MOJO 02-1995 UK 6 pages: "Liege and Lief" (Paul Du Noyer; p.64-70); 1 page: ad "This cowboy song" (p.69); ½ page: review The Chieftains "The long black veil" (p.99); ¼ page: photo of Sting and Paula Yates (ca.1982) (p.113)
Sting MOVIEGOER 01-1985 US 6 pages: "Sting"
Police MP Special 1980 ? Fold-out postermagazine
Police MP Special "Super-de-Super" 1980 ? Fold-out postermagazine
Sting MULTITOP 03-1993 France 2 pages: "Sting ou leas 10 fables de Monsieur Summoner"
Andy MUSIC & SOUND OUTPUT 09-1987 US 7 pages: "Summers Movies" (Alan di Perna)
Police MUSIC EXPRESS 07-1983 Canada 2 pages: "Police File: Andy Summers Interrogated"
Police MUSIC MAJOR - THE POLICE 1983 UK 20 pages ("Free with MM!")
Andy MUSIC MAKER 12-1983 Holland 5 pages: "Andy Summers"
Sting MUSIC MAKER 02-1986 Holland 4 pages: "Ik wil rock 'n roll weer muzikaal maken"
Sting MUSIC SCENE 12-1987 Germany 5 pages: "Sting"
Andy MUSIC TECHNOLOGY 10-1988 US 5 pages: "re-introducing Andy Summers" (John Diliberto)
Sting MUSIC, COMPUTERS & SOFTWARE 02-1988 US 5 pages: "The technological evolution of a musician/composer"
Police MUSICIAN 12-1981 US 8 pages: "The Police" (J.D. Considine; p.58-65); ½ page: record-review "Ghost in the machine" (Jon Pareles; p.86)
Police MUSICIAN 06-1983 US 11 pages: "The lion in winter" (Vic Garbarini; p.52-61,130); 6 pages: "The cruel sea" (Andy Summers; p.62-67); 1 page: "Kindred Kinetics" (Chip Stern; p.68); ½ page: record-review "Synchronicity" (David Fricke; p.108)
Sting MUSICIAN 07-1985 US 9 pages: "Sting's swing shift" (#2 of this interview appeared in Aug. 1985. 5 pages: "Sting under the gun", without Sting-cover)
Sting MUSICIAN 12-1987 US 1 page: ad album "Renaissance" Branford (p.23); 11 pages: "How can you not dump on.." (Peter Watrous; p.60-74); 1 page: ad "A very special Christmas" (p.98); 1 page: review "Nothing like the sun" (K. McKenna; p.108-109)
Sting MUSICIAN 08-1991 US 11 pages: "The rock star races toward 40"
Sting MUSICIEN 03-1989 France 8 pages: "Le case Sting" (Peter Watrous; p.42-49)
Police MUSIK EXPRESS 05-1980 Germany 6 pages: "Die Miete ist bezahlt"
Sting MUSIK EXPRESS SOUNDS 06-1986 Germany 5 pages: "All that jazz"
Sting MUSIK EXPRESS SOUNDS 06-1988 Germany 4 pages: "Sting"
Sting MUSIK EXPRESS SOUNDS 02-1991 Germany 4 pages: "Sting"
Sting MUSIK SZENE 02-1985 Germany 4 pages: "Round up with a Sting" (W.F. Rimensberger)
Sting MUZIEK & BEELD 22-02-1996 Holland ½ page: "Mercury What?" (magazine for recordshops)
Police MUZIEK EXPRES 01-1980 Holland 3 pages: "De Police staat voor een raadsel"
Police MUZIEK EXPRES 04-1980 Holland 6 pages: "Super live-special van de Police"
Police MUZIEK EXPRES 01-1981 Holland 4 pages: "The Police über alles"
Sting NATIONALE TOP 100 27-02-1991 Holland Sting only on cover
Sting NETWORK 12-1987 Canada 5 pages: "Sting" Don Waller)
Sting NEW SOUNDS 04-1984 US 2 pages: "Sting in his own words"
Sting NIEUWE REVU 07-02-1991 Holland 6 pages: "In de schoot van de familie Sting"
Police NME 01-09-1979 UK 2 pages: "The long yarn of the lore"; 2 pages: "Reading Festival - The curse of the Rock'n'Roll Thumb"
Police NME 12-04-1980 UK 6 pages: "A passage to India"
Police NME 07-02-1981 UK 5 pages: "How to enjoy life in a police state" (Chris Salewics)
Police NME 26-09-1981 UK 3 pages: "The thinking man of pop" (Lynn Hanna)
Sting NME 15-06-1985 UK 3 pages: "Off the beat and into the swing" (Paul du Noyer)
Sting NME 20-02-1988 UK 2 pages: "St Francis of Wallsend?" (Alan Jackson)
Police NO 1 29-10-1983 UK 1 page: ad for new single and forthcoming UK-tour; 3 pages: "The King of Pain"
Sting Onze Wereld 07-1989 Holland 4 pages: "Popsterren betrekken jongeren bij de wereld"
Police OOR 16-05-1979 Holland 1 page: "Handzaam en boeiend"
Police OOR 03-10-1979 Holland 3 pages: "De man van een kwart miljoen...en z'n rijke vriendjes..."
Sting OOR 23-03-1985 Holland 4 pages: "In de film kun je al je fantasieën uitleven"
Sting OOR 13-02-1988 Holland 7 pages: "Avontuur aan de Amazone"
Sting OOR 09-02-1991 Holland 5 pages: "AUTOBIO - Het grote Sting interview"; 6 pages: "POLICE-DOSSIER - Blond,Beroemd en Begraven"
Sting PAPERCLIP 03-1993 Holland 3 pages: "Sting zegt nooit nooit"
Sting PATY 08-1990 Greece Sting only on cover
Sting PEOPLE Colour Magazine 13-10-1991 UK 2 pages: "The world is full of beautiful women, .." (Michael Cable)
Police POLICE & STING 1980 UK Fold-out postermagazine ("Star Portrait no.17; two-in-one poster)
Police POP 80 1980 UK 2 pages: "Capturing the charts"
Sting Q 02-1991 UK 6 pages: "Where the hell have you been?"
Sting Q 03-1993 UK 6 pages: "Spare 10p to save the world, guv?"
Sting Q 11-1993 UK 6 pages: "Oh, how we laughed!" (p.102-108); 1 page: "Candid - review Message in a Box" (p.145); ½ page: ad "Sting - January 1994" (p.195); 1 page: ad "Message in a Box" (p.203)
Police RECORD 03-1982 US 2 pages: "Police: Humans In The Machine" (Chip Stern)
Police RECORD 08-1983 US 3 pages: "Twilights of the Gods" (Jonathan Gross)
Sting RECORD 09-1985 US 5 pages: "Sting discusses what's past, passing and to come"
Police RECORD COLLECTOR 12-1983 UK 3 pages: "Police promo rarities"
Police RECORD COLLECTOR 08-1985 UK 3 pages: "The Police UK rarities"
Police RECORD MIRROR 04-10-1980 UK This issue was edited by Stewart, Andy & Sting (many contributions)
Police RECORD MIRROR 08-12-1980 UK 3 pages: "Police File" (James Parade); ¼ page: review San Francisco (Mark Cooper)
Sting RECORD MIRROR 08-06-1985 UK 3 pages: "It's the real Sting!"
Police RELIX 02-1984 US 3 pages: "Cop an attitude"
Stewart RHYTHM 08-1985 UK 5 pages: "Stewart Copeland - The Rhythmatist"
Stewart RHYTHM 09-1989 UK 7 pages: "A logic conclusion" (Simon Braund)
Stewart RHYTHM 11-1989 US 6 pages: "Copeland Logic" (Gene Ferriter)
Police ROCK & FOLK 04-1980 France 4 pages: "La bande des 4"
Police ROCK & FOLK 11-1981 France 10 pages: "Au sommet du monde" (Dali de Clair); 2 pages: album-review
Police ROCK & FOLK 10-1983 France 8 pages: "Bel Ami"
Sting ROCK & FOLK 11-1985 France 8 pages: "Le cas Sting" (Laurent Chalumeau)
Sting ROCK & FOLK 06-1988 France 6 pages: "Le monde selon Sting" (Jean-Marie Leduc/Albin-Michel); 1 page: review show in Rome (27-04-1988); 1 page: ad. of book by Jean-Marie Leduc
Sting ROCK MUSIC 07-1988 France 6 pages: "Une décennie au sommet"
Sting ROCK WORLD 03-1993 UK 3 pages: "Back to basics"
Sting ROCK! 05-1984 UK 7 pages: "The real Sting"
Police ROCKBILL 08-1983 US 5 pages: "Sting interview"
Sting ROCK-SHOTS 04-1986 US 6 pages: "Reel music!"
Sting ROCKSTYLE 10-1995 France 4 pages: "Le chant de la Sirène" (Christian Lamet; p.42-45)
Sting ROCKSTYLE 05-1996 France 6 pages: "L'âge de raison?" (p.22-27)
Police ROLLING STONE 19-02-1981 US 4 pages: "Policing the world"
Police ROLLING STONE 01-09-1983 US 5 pages: "A monster called Sting"
Sting ROLLING STONE 01-03-1984 US 2 pages: "Alone at the top"
Sting ROLLING STONE 26-09-1985 US 6 pages: "Sting feels the burn"
Sting ROLLING STONE 11-02-1988 US 5 pages: "Sting" (David Frick; p.50-53,115,117)
Sting ROLLING STONE 07-02-1991 US 6 pages: "Sting"
Sting ROLLING STONE 27-05-1993 US 5 pages: "Sting: The King of Pain, the idol of millions or..."
Stewart SCENE 10-1989 US 1 page: "A conversation with Stewart Copeland"
Sting SETTE 25-02-1993 Italy 6 pages: "Malinconico Sting"
Sting SKY 05-11-1987 UK 4 pages: "Ruthless devious plotting"
Police SMASH HITS 07-02-1980 UK 3 pages: "Police Profile - Sting"
Sting SOUNDCHECK 10-1990 France 4 pages: "Hugh Padgham - La vie de chateau" (Sting only on cover)
Police SOUNDS 05-01-1980 UK 2 pages: "Police balls"
Police SOUNDS 04-06-1983 UK 1½ pages: "The breathing method" (Sandy Robertson)
Sting SPIN 07-1985 US 7 pages: "Sting II" (Timothy White)
Sting SPIN 12-1987 US 7 pages: "Invisible son" (Vic Garbarini)
Sting STAGE 04-1996 Belgium 5 pages: "Pleidooi voor een popster, annex landheer" (p.4-8)
Police STAR HITS 05-1984 US 3 pages: "Interrogation"
Sting STARFIX 09-1984 France 5 pages: "Un schizo de charme"
Sting STUDIO 25-05-1991 Holland 2 pages: "Acteren als bevrijding"
Sting STUDIO MAGAZINE 10-1988 France 1 page: "Stormy Monday" (Michel Rebichon; p.21); 6 pages: "Sting - Le cinéma et moi" (Michel Rebichon; p.65-70)
Sting SUNDAY 26-08-1984 UK 3 pages: "Hotter than a vindaloo"
Sting SUNDAY - News of the world magazine 27-01-1991 UK 3 pages: "Why Sting is finally back on the right track" (Michael Cable)
Sting SUNDAY EXPRESS MAGAZINE 09-12-1984 UK 4 pages: "Dune - The pride and passion of Raffaella"
Sting SUNDAY EXPRESS MAGAZINE 27-09-1987 UK 5 pages: "The softer side of Sting"
Sting SUNDAY MIRROR MAGAZINE 18-09-1988 UK 4 pages: "A Sting in the tale"
Sting TALES FROM THE EDGE 09-1995 US 8 pages: Dennis Calero's graphic adaption of The Wild Wild Sea
Sting TAPER 06-1986 Holland 3 pages: "Spreekbuis van een nieuwe generatie"
Sting TEMPO 02-02-1988 Germany 8 pages: "Unser Mann im Busch"
Sting THE GUITAR MAGAZINE 03-1996 UK 8 pages: "Sorted for ease & jazz" (Danny Eccleston; p.28-36)
Sting THE HISTORY OF ROCK 1984 UK 5 pages: "The Police"
Police THE OFFICIAL POLICE FILE POSTER MAGAZINE 09-1980 UK Fold-out postermagazine
Police THE OFFICIAL POLICE FILES; NO. 1 TO 20 05-1980 UK Each issue has about 30 pages (published in the period from 05-1980 to 12-1981)
Police THE POLICE 1981 UK Fold-out postermagazine "tranforms into stunning Sting poster!" (Parc Press)
Police THE POLICE - 1981 CALENDER POSTERMAG 1980 UK Fold-out postermagazine
Police THE POLICE SPECIAL - For Your Eyes Only 1981 UK 35 pages: A Hot-shot music mag no.2
Sting TOP - TOWER RECORDS 03-1996 UK 2 pages: "Sting" (p.22-23); 1 page: ad CMP Records w/ Andy's Synaesthesia (p.27)
Sting TOP40 09-1985 South Africa 3 pages: "Sting with a tale"
Sting TOTAL GUITAR 03-1995 UK 10 pages: "Every breath you take" (full transcription); Added to this magazine was a free CD containing the "Total Accurancy" backing track of "Every breath you take"
Police TROUSER PRESS 12-1979 US 4 pages: "Act Responsible"
Police TROUSER PRESS 05-1982 US 5 pages: "Police have more fun"
Sting TUTTIFRUTTI 12-1993 Italy 4 pages: "Sting: C'era vamo tanto amati..."
Sting TV RADIOCORRIERE 06-08-1995 Italy Added to this TV-guide was a free "Compact Book" (12*14cm²) about The Police ("Biondo Rock")
Sting VOX 12-1997 UK 8 pages: "Sting & Puff Daddy"
Andy WIRE 11-1990 UK 3 pages: "Andy Summers - Plain clothes guitarist" (Mike Fish)
Sting YOU MAGAZINE - THE MAIL ON SUNDAY 28-02-1988 UK 3 pages: "Kathleen Turner doesn't turn me on"

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