The Bride

[Updated: May 15,1999]

The Bride

Sting makes his debut as a leading man on the silver screen when he portrays Baron Charles Frankenstein in Franc Roddamís The Bride (1985). A psychological/feminist revision of The Bride of Frankenstein (1935), Roddamís film puts a modern slant on Mary Shelleyís classic 19th-century tale, injecting elements from both Pygmalion and Beauty and the Beast. Paired with Sting as Frankensteinís female creation, Eva, is Jennifer Beals, who had just recently been catapulted to stardom by the surprise 1984 hit, Flashdance.

In his castle laboratory, Frankenstein brings Eva to life in a tumultuous opening scene of appropriate Gothic proportion. Assuming that the raven-haired damsel was created to be his bride, Frankensteinís monster (Clancy Brown) is understandably disappointed when he learns that Eva is in fact the object of desire of the Baron and responds by destroying the lab, a scene which, when filmed, resulted in a seven-stitch wound to FrankenStingís noggin.

Dr. Frankenstein proclaims that he wants to shape the pristine mind of Eva into that of the "New Woman," a person of free thought and equal standing to men. However, when Eva becomes sufficiently buoyed by her newfound freedom and begins challenging the repressive control under which Frankenstein keeps her, the Baron devolves into just another male chauvinist pig, exhibiting the kind of obsessive evil that so intrigues Sting, the actor.

Stingís real-life hero, Quentin Crisp, plays his assistant, Dr. Zalhus, in the film and David Rappaport steals many scenes as Rinaldo, the dwarf who befriends, empowers, and humanizes Frankensteinís monster, ultimately preparing him for a climactic scene that pits the evil doctor against his two creations. We donít want to give away the ending, but letís just say that we "never saw no miracle of science that didnít go from a blessing to a curse."

Columbia (USA)



118 minutes

Directed by: Franc Roddam

Produced by: Victor Drai

Written by: Lloyd Fonvielle

based on characters created by Mary Shelley


Frankenstein Sting
Eva Jennifer Beals
Clerval Anthony Higgins
Viktor Clancy Brown
Rinaldo David Rappaport
Mrs. Baumann Geraldine Page
Magar Alexei Sayle
Bela Phil Daniels
Countess Veruschka Von Lehndorff
Dr. Zalhus Quentin Crisp
Josef Cary Elwes
Paulus Timothy Spall
Pedlar Ken Campbell
Count Guy Rolfe
Priest Andrew De La Tour
Tavern keeper Tony Haygarth


Cinematography Stephen H. Burum
Editing Michael Ellis
Music Maurice Jarre
Art Direction Michael Seymour
Set Decoration Tessa Davies
Costume Design Shirley Russell
Makeup Sarah Monzani

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