Bootleg - Dreaming Of U

[Updated: 28 May 1997]

Title:Dreaming Of U
Label:Home Records
Catalogue number:HR5927
Source:AUD/ TV
Date:19-02-1994/ 12-06-1991
Location:"Civic Centre", Pensacola, FL, USA/ "Estadio de Sarria", Barcelona, Spain
Tracks (disc1):19-02-1994, "Civic Centre", Pensacola, FL, USA
If I Ever Lose My Faith In You
Heavy Cloud No Rain
Love Is Stronger Than Justice
Seven Days
A Day In The Life
Fields Of Gold
Synchronicity II
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
It's Probably Me
Shape Of My Heart
Saint Augustine In Hell
Straight To My Heart
Englishman In New York
Tracks (disc2):19-02-1994, "Civic Centre", Pensacola, FL, USA
King Of Pain/ Demolition Man
When The World Is Running Down
She's Too Good For Me
Nothing 'Bout Me
Every Breath You Take

12-06-1991, "Estadio de Sarria", Barcelona, Spain
Jeremiah Blues (Part 1)
Mad About You
Ain't No Sunshine
Why Should I Cry For You
When The World Is Running Down

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