Audio collection - The Police - interviews

[Updated: February 7, 2007]

artistdatecityvenuesourcequalitylengthformatsource information
The Police00-11-1978New York City, NYWPIX-FM interview w/ Jane Hamburger (14-11-1978 or 15-11-1978)FMexc16tape
The Police11-12-1978EdinburghBBC interview in EdinburghFMexc-10tape
Stewart00-00-1979-"What's it all about?"; interview w/ StewartFMexc3tape
Sting00-00-1979-BBC; Sting interview (from "BBC Archive" 27-09-1992)FMexc1tape
The Police00-00-1979-David "Kid" Jensen interview w/ The PoliceFMexc30tape
Stewart00-00-1979-int. w/ Stewart about Klark Kent (from CD incl. in book "Punk Diary")SBexc1CD
Sting00-00-1979-Sting interview (from bootleg picture singles)LPexc6tape
Sting00-00-1979-Sting singing "Three Steps To Heaven" (from "Radio On")TVexc1CDR
The Police00-04-1979LondonBBC "Rock On"; int. w/ Richard Skinner at "Nashville" in LondonFMvg+8tape
The Police07-04-1979Boston, MAWBCN; backstage int. at "The Paradise" in Boston after showFMvg+1tape
The Police25-05-1979Chicago, ILinterview w/ The PoliceFMexc6tape
The Police00-10-1979Miami, FLMiami "Old Grey Whistle Test" interviewTVexc-8tape
The Police00-10-1979San Pedro, CASan Pedro "Terminal Island Prison" specialFMexc55tape
The Police09-10-1979Virginia Beach, VAVirginia Beach interview w/ The PoliceFMexc-32tape
The Police24-10-1979Miami, FLWSHE-FM; afternoon interview w/ The Police in MiamiFMexc22tape
Stewart00-00-1980-Radio 1 "Star Special"FM116CDR
The Police00-01-1980-"30 Minutes"; report about roadies of The Police on the US-tourFMvg+15CDR
The Police25-01-1980-Capitol Radio "The Police Story"FM126CDR
The Police00-02-1980-interview from Japanese radioFMvg+4tape
The Police00-04-1980-RockworldTVvg20tape
Stewart15-04-1980-interview w/ Stewart in BelgiumFMvg+28tape
Stewart26-06-1980-Rex Rawsthorne Report w/ StewartTVexc2tape
The Police27-07-1980Dublininterview w/ Andy and Stewart on Irish RadioFM54CDR
Sting27-07-1980DublinSting interview backstage in DublinFMvg4tape
Andy00-08-1980-Europe 1 interview w/ AndyFMvg9tape
The Police00-08-1980-Radio Europe; specialFM122CDR
Stewart12-10-1980-Peter Powell int. w/ StewartFMvg4tape
Andy14-10-1980MünchenInterview w/ Andy by phone in MünchenFMexc-7tape
The Police01-12-1980New York City, NYpress-conference at The Iroquois HotelAUDexc-55tape
The Police07-12-1980New York City, NYWLIR; interview w/ Stewart & Andy in New York CityFMvg+50tape
The Police00-00-1981-"Invisible Sun" (from the official video, which has longer outro than album version)SBexc+4CDR
Sting00-00-1981-Demos "Ghost in the Machine" (13 tracks; tape 1)SBexc-50CDR
Sting00-00-1981-Demos "Ghost in the Machine" (14 tracks)SBexc-55CDRSB > ?? -> CDR -> CDEx -> FLAC level 6 with verify -> FLAC
Sting00-00-1981-Demos "Ghost in the Machine" (15 tracks; "Definititive Edition")SBexc-60CDRSB > ?? -> CDR -> CDEx -> FLAC level 6 with verify -> FLAC
Sting00-00-1981-Demos "Ghost in the Machine" (7 tracks; tape 2; diff. ver. of Secret Journey + Invisible Sun)SBexc-24CDR
The Police00-00-1981-Echoes inside the music processLPexc4tape
Sting00-01-1981-"I shall be released" (during opening + ending credits) from TV-film "Parole"TVexc-5CDR
Sting00-02-1981-BBC "Rock Hour" w/ StingFMexc-50tape
The Police28-03-1981-Supergroups "The Police Tapes" interviewFMexc-11tape
The Police07-06-1981-Robert Klein Radio ShowFMexc42tape
The Police00-09-1981-Roger Scott int. w/ Sting from "The Police Enquiry"LPexc26tape
The Police19-09-1981-City TV "Channel 79"TVexc-7tape
The Police28-09-1981-BBC interview w/ Peter PowellFMexc20tape
The Police00-10-1981-BBC Radio One "Rock On" w/ Phil SutcliffeFMexc-11tape
The Police00-12-1981-Christmas greeting from Andy & StewartFMexc-1tape
The Police15-12-1981LondonNationwide report about "Wembley Arena" showTVexc10tape
The Police22-12-1981LeedsInterview w/ The Police & The Chops in LeedsFMvg+2tape
The Police00-00-1982-Hit men of the Eighties; special incl. int. w/ Stewart & StingFMexc40tape
Sting00-00-1982-interview w/ Art JoanFMvg6tape
The Police00-00-1982-Retro Rock specialFMexc90tape
The Police07-01-1982HamburgNDR-interview in HamburgFMvg+13tape
Andy09-01-1982LeidenVARA; int. w/ Andy in LeidenFMexc45tape
The Police00-02-1982Los Angeles, CANon-plus Cassette Magazine; int. w/ The Police in Los Angeles on 10-02-1982FMexc13tape
The Police19-02-1982Vina del Marbackstage interview in Vina del MarTVvg+5tape
The Police30-07-1982-BBC Radio One; interview w/ Sting and StewartFMexc5CDR
Sting07-08-1982-Sting interview w/ Mark EllenFMvg+26tape
Sting02-09-1982-Capitol Radio; Roger Scott int. w/ StingFMexc-45tape
Sting29-09-1982-David "Kid" Jensen interview w/ StingFMvg+15tape
Sting09-11-1982Chicago, ILWMET Chicago; int. w/ StingFMexc20tape
Sting10-11-1982Chicago, ILChannel 2 "Chicago News"; int. w/ StingTVvg+4tape
Sting10-11-1982New York City, NYLate Show w/ David Letterman; int. w/ StingTVexc10tape
The Police25-12-1982-NBC "Rockstreet"; int. w/ Andy & StingFMexc11tape
Sting00-00-1983-"Every Bomb You Make" from "Spitting Image"TVexc-3CDR
Andy00-00-1983-Andy about "Throb"FMvg+5tape
Stewart00-00-1983-Feature ads for the soundtrack of Rumblefish; incl. int. w/ StewartLPexc5tape
Sting00-00-1983-Sting says thanks to Stuart HenryTVexc1tape
Sting00-00-1983-Sting to listeners of WMMSFMexc1tape
The Police00-01-1983-Entertainment TonightTVexc2tape
The Police30-05-1983-Bank Holiday SpecialFMexc50tape
The Police12-06-1983-BBC Radio One; Roger Scott int. w/ The PoliceFMvg24tape
Andy27-06-1983Milanointerview w/ Andy in MilanoFMexc25tape
The Police07-07-1983-BBC Radio One; interview w/ Peter PowellFMexc-5tape
The Police23-07-1983Chicago, ILMTV interview w/ Martha Quinn in ChicagoTVvg3tape
The Police28-07-1983Detroit, MIDetroit backstage interview w/ StingFMvg+9tape
The Police02-08-1983Montreal, Que.interviews in MontrealTVexc-10tape
The Police02-08-1983Montreal, Que.Montreal interviewsFMvg+19tape
The Police06-09-1983Los Angeles, CAKLOS radio coverage of "Hollywood Park" showFMvg+13CDR
Stewart09-09-1983-"Guest DJ" w/ StewartFMexc-60tape
The Police13-10-1983CopenhagenTelephone call from Brondbyhallen w/ N. HarbonFMvg3tape
The Police14-10-1983Copenhagenreport from Copenhagen (13-10-1983)FMexc19tape
Andy17-10-1983-Radio 2; interview w/ AndyFM23CDR
Andy17-10-1983-Radio London; interview w/ AndyFM29CDR
The Police28-10-1983Miami, FLEric Burdon about touring w/ The Police in MiamiFMexc2tape
The Police28-10-1983Miami, FLK102; report about show in Miami "Orange Bowl"FMvg+5tape
The Police00-11-1983-report about shows in Champaign and New York CityTVexc-15tape
The Police26-12-1983-"Star Tracks Profile special"FMexc50tape
Andy00-00-1984-"Andy Summers and Robert Fripp Speak Out"; interview by Vic Garbarini (from A&M promo LP)pre-FMexc37CDRLP -> Pioneer PL-600 turntable with Stanton 680-EL broadcast stylus -> Radio Shack phono pre-amp (*) -> circa-1997 SoundBlaster AWE64 card (**) -> .wav -> CD-R -> EAC (***) -> .wav -> FLAC
Sting00-00-1984-"Friday Night Video"; interview w/ StingTVexc-11tape
Sting07-01-1984LyonInterview w/ Sting & Toyah in Lyon (03-10-1983)FMexc-15tape
Stewart21-01-1984-BBC Radio One "Saturday live"; interview w/ StewartFMexc-18CDR
The Police23-01-1984-"Off the Record" about The PoliceFMexc50tape
Stewart19-02-1984Chicago, ILInt. w/ Stewart by phone from ChicagoFMexc6tape
Sting29-02-1984MelbourneSting interview in MelbourneFMexc45tape
Stewart03-03-1984MelbourneStewart interview in MelbourneFMexc30tape
Sting02-10-1984-Simon Bates int. w/ Sting on phoneFMvg+4tape
Andy06-10-1984-BBC Radio One "Saturday live"; interview w/ AndyFMexc-19tape
Sting10-12-1984-BBC Radio "Gormenghast" (#1)FMexc90tape
Sting17-12-1984-BBC Radio "Gormenghast" (#2)FMexc90tape
The Police26-12-1984-"Police at Christmas" specialFMexc106tape
Sting00-00-1985-Europe 1; int. w/ Sting about "The Bride"FMvg+10tape
Sting00-00-1985-Speak Up; Bob Haris int. w/ StingFMexc6tape
Sting25-02-1985New York City, NY"Live at five"; report soundcheck "The Ritz"TVvg+1tape
Sting23-05-1985Paris"Bruno Brookes Show"; Sting on phone from ParisFMvg+5tape
Sting24-05-1985ParisReport soundcheck Paris "Theatre Mogador"TVexc-8tape
The Police26-05-1985-NBC "The Police - Self Portrait '85 - Secret Journey"; radiospecial including interviewsFMexc201CDRFM > ? > analog audio cassette (TDK D90; xx generation) > SONY TC-K4615 (stereo cassette deck) > PHILIPS CDR 870 (standalone CD-recorder) > CDRW > PC > Cool Edit Pro 2.1 > WAV > FLAC
Sting31-05-1985-MTV presents StingTVexc15tape
Sting00-06-1985-Max Headroom interviewTVexc-10tape
Sting00-06-1985New York City, NYZ-100; interview w/ StingFMexc25tape
Sting04-06-1985-News Beat interview w/ StingFMvg+3tape
Sting06-07-1985-BBC Radio One interview w/ Mike SmithFMexc-61CDR
Sting06-07-1985-BBC Radio One interview w/ Mike SmithFMexc-5tape
Sting13-07-1985-interview from bootleg 12"LPvg+11tape
Sting00-08-1985San Diego, CABackstage Pass; int. w/ Sting in San DiegoFMexc50tape
Sting00-08-1985TokyoEberhard Schoener interview w/ StingTVexc10tape
Sting00-08-1985Los Angeles, CAKROQ; int. w/ Sting in Los AngelesFMexc-8tape
Stewart00-10-1985LondonInt. w/ Stewart in London "Hard Rock Cafe"FMexc-4tape
Sting00-11-1985-Rock On Chicago; int. w/ Sting & DoletteTVvg+7tape
Sting20-11-1985-Danish Radio 1; Sting in debat about photosFMexc-2tape
Sting19-12-1985-Frequence Nord; interview w/ Sting (dubbed)FMexc-5tape
Stewart00-00-1986-"Strange Things Happen" from "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre (part two)"SBexc+3CDR
Sting00-01-1986LondonSting by satelite from London "Abbey Road Studios"FMexc-27tape
Sting23-01-1986-David "Kid" Jensen interview w/ StingFMvg5tape
Sting11-06-1986Atlanta, GABackstage interview w/ Sting & Bono in AtlantaFMexc4tape
Sting27-06-1986-Capitol Radio int. about "Bring on the Night"FMexc9tape
Sting27-08-1986-ABC "Bring on the night" specialFMexc42tape
Sting01-09-1986-Off the Record interviewFMexc16tape
Stewart10-11-1986-WNEW-FM; interview w/ StewartFMexc-16CDR
The Police27-11-1986-Then and Now specialFMexc80tape
Sting00-00-1987-Japanese commercial for Kirin Can beerFM?exc2CDR
The Police00-00-1987-Japanese Police radiomixFMexc42tape
The Police26-01-1987-NBC "Legends of Rock" Police specialFMexc50tape
Sting11-05-1987-Westwood One "Line One" Sting specialFMexc45tape
The Police15-06-1987-Rock Clock Police specialFMexc20tape
Sting11-07-1987Perugia"Dee Jay Collection"; recorded in PerugiaFMexc6tape
Andy30-07-1987Chicago, ILAndy interview in ChicagoFMexc15tape
Sting00-10-1987-Capitol Radio; David "Kid" Jensen interview w/ StingFMexc-15tape
Sting07-10-1987LondonSting press conference in LondonFMexc10tape
Sting07-10-1987LondonSting press conference in LondonAUDexc-38tape
Sting09-10-1987-BBC Radio One; Sting int. w/ Simon Bates (#1)FMexc-18tape
Sting12-10-1987-BBC Radio One; Sting int. w/ Simon Bates (#2)FMexc-13tape
Sting00-11-1987-Off the Record Sting interviewFMexc22tape
Sting01-11-1987-press conference "Despatch"TVexc25tape
Stewart15-11-1987-Rock over London Stewart interviewFMexc6tape
Sting10-12-1987Buenos AiresSheraton Hotel (press conference)AUD?vg+24CDR
Sting00-02-1988New York City, NYHoward Stern's "Call In" w/ Sting on phoneFMexc15tape
Sting07-02-1988-MTV "Week in Rock"TVexc1tape
Sting27-03-1988-Up Close Sting specialFMexc106tape
Sting00-04-1988-Veronica radio mix "Englishman in New York"FMexc5tape
Sting00-05-1988-HBO "Flipside" w/ StingTVexc4tape
The Police00-05-1988-Sting: The Police decade and beyond int. w/ Sting & AndyFMexc24tape
Sting13-05-1988MontreuxBBC Radio One; interview w/ Sting in MontreuxFMexc-3tape
Sting00-06-1988-Avro radio mix "Fragile"FMexc-4tape
Sting00-06-1988-NRJ-interview w/ StingFMvg8tape
Sting03-06-1988-Veronica radio mix "Fragile"FMexc5tape
The Police11-06-1988-MTV "Secret Policeman's File"TVexc-35tape
Sting11-06-1988LondonSting interview at "Wembley Stadium", LondonFMexc1tape
Sting00-07-1988-News Bulletin; Sting about the rainforestFMexc1tape
Sting03-07-1988WerchterSting receives award at "Festival" in WerchterTVexc-1tape
Sting27-08-1988-BBC "60 years of Kurt Weill"; int. w/ Sting and David BowieFMexc-38tape
Sting28-08-1988-Off the Record Sting interviewFMexc12tape
Sting30-08-1988-BBC; Roger Scott int. w/ Sting about AmnestyFMexc-25tape
Sting00-09-1988-Westwood One "Hendrix Special" w/ StingFMexc1tape
Sting01-09-1988LondonAmnesty International press conference LondonLPexc2tape
Sting13-10-1988Buenos Aires(press conference)AUDvg15CDR
Sting09-11-1988AdelaideANZ - Rocksat; Sting in AdelaideFMexc40tape
Andy00-00-1989-Music from "Weekend at Bernie's" by AndyTVexc-11tape
Sting01-03-1989-Veronica "Film & Video" int. "Stormy Monday"TVexc-7tape
Sting04-04-1989LondonLondon "Ivor Novello Awards"; interview w/ StingFMexc-1tape
Sting13-04-1989-Europe1 "Sting's day"FMexc-60tape
Sting20-04-1989MilanoRETE105 "rainforest"-interview in MilanoFMexc-20tape
Sting25-04-1989-NDR2 "Club Extra"; int. w/ Christiane RebmannFMexc-24tape
Andy02-05-1989Los Angeles, CAArsenio Hall Show w/ Andy (int. + 2 songs)TVexc12tape
Stewart02-05-1989AmsterdamJan Douwe Kroeske int. w/ Stewart in Amsterdam "Wanghal"FMexc4tape
Sting03-05-1989AmsterdamSting press conference in AmsterdamFMvg+1tape
Stewart15-05-1989Cleveland, OHWMMS interview w/ Stewart in ClevelandFMexc25tape
Stewart18-05-1989-German int. w/ Stewart & Deborah Holland about Animal LogicFMexc10tape
Sting24-06-1989-BBC1 "Classic Album"; Sting about the album "Synchronicity"FMexc23tape
Stewart29-08-1989-VPRO interview w/ Stewart about "The Marquee"FMexc7tape
Andy13-09-1989-VPRO "La Stampa" special Andy (including interview)FMexc55tape
Stewart29-09-1989Cleveland, OHCleveland "City Club"; Stewart talks to press at a forumFMexc28tape
Stewart00-10-1989-Entertainment Tonight w/ StewartTVexc2tape
Stewart09-10-1989-This morning on CBS w/ StewartTVexc6tape
Sting30-10-1989-NBC "Today Show" w/ StingTVexc5tape
Sting00-11-1989-CNN "Showbiz Tonight" w/ StingTVexc-3tape
Stewart00-11-1989-Entertainment Tonight w/ StewartTVexc2tape
Stewart12-11-1989-World of Rock; interview Stewart presented by Scott MuniFMexc-49CDR
Sting18-12-1989-MTV "Rewind '85" w/ StingTVexc-3tape
Sting20-12-1989-MTV "Rewind '87" w/ StingTVexc3tape
Sting00-00-1990-Captain Planet "The Conqueror"; Sting's voice in "educative" cartoonTVexc20tape
Stewart00-00-1990-Music from "Hidden Agenda"TVexc8CDR
Stewart00-00-1990-Music from "Highlander" by StewartSBexc14CD
Stewart00-00-1990-Music from "Men at Work" by StewartTVexc27tape
Stewart00-00-1990-Music from "Taking care of business" by StewartTVexc21tape
Sting00-00-1990-Steve Wright interview w/ Sting & TrudieFMvg+10tape
Stewart11-01-1990-Later with Bob Costas; interview w/ StewartTVexc20CDR
Sting00-03-1990-VH1 "New Visions Rock" w/ Animal LogicTVexc-5tape
The Police00-10-1990-DMC "Police Megamix" mixed by Sanny XLPexc9tape
Sting27-11-1990-Dutch promo-spot "Their Greatest Hits"FMexc1tape
Sting00-12-1990-60 Minutes Sting specialTVexc15tape
Andy00-12-1990-interview w/ Andy on phone on Mexican radio (before he came to Mexico)FMexc-10CDR
Andy00-12-1990-interview w/ Andy on phone on Mexican radio (before he came to Mexico)FMvg46tape
Sting13-12-1990-BBC Radio One; Simon Bates int. w/ StingFMexc30tape
Sting00-00-1991-"Mad About You" - instrumental remix (from the video "Summoner's Travels")TVexc5CDR
Sting00-01-1991-Dutch promo spots for "The Soul Cages"FMexc1tape
Sting00-01-1991-NOS "Avondspits"; int. w/ StingFMexc15tape
Sting00-01-1991-Sting interview from Canadian promo CDCDexc21tape
Sting14-01-1991-MTV-US w/ StingTVexc3tape
Sting15-01-1991-MTV-US w/ StingTVexc3tape
Sting18-01-1991-BBC Radio One; Simon Bates int. w/ StingFMexc8tape
Sting19-01-1991-Powercuts Sting interviewFMexc2tape
Sting19-01-1991-Saturday Sequence Sting interviewFMexc41tape
Sting21-01-1991-NRJ-interview w/ StingFMexc-13tape
Sting04-02-1991-Entertainment tonight w/ StingTVexc3tape
Sting07-02-1991Los Angeles, CAArsenio Hall Show w/ Sting (int. + 2 songs)TVexc20tape
Sting14-02-1991-Rockline Sting specialFMexc73tape
Sting27-02-1991Miami, FLWSHE-FM; interview w/ Sting by phoneFMvg+2tape
Sting00-03-1991-Music Express interview w/ StingFMexc1tape
Sting06-03-1991New York City, NYReport about show at "Nassau Coliseum"FMexc-11tape
Sting06-03-1991New York City, NYSting & Trudie w/ Howard SternFMexc-63tape
Sting12-03-1991Toronto, Ont.Q107; interview w/ StingFMexc12tape
Sting27-03-1991-KXTQ Redbeard interview w/ StingFMvg+35tape
Sting31-03-1991-Hitline USA interview w/ StingFMexc14tape
Sting26-04-1991-BBC Radio One; Simon Bates int. w/ StingFMexc13tape
Sting11-05-1991Den HaagKRO; int. w/ Sting in Den HaagFMexc5tape
Sting15-05-1991Den HaagTROS "Popformule"; contest-winner meets StingTVexc7tape
The Police20-05-1991-In the Studio; Sting (and Stewart) about "Synchronicity" (rebroadc. on 05-07-1993; #263)FMexc60CD
Sting21-05-1991MilanoPress conference in Milano w/ Sting and bandAUDexc-30tape
Andy11-07-1991MontreuxAndy interview in MontreuxFMexc7tape
Sting11-08-1991-Up Close Sting interviewFMexc28tape
Sting26-08-1991-BBC "Private conversation"; Nicky Horne int. w/ StingFMvg60tape
Sting21-10-1991New York City, NYSting interview at "Madison Square Garden"FMexc10tape
Sting11-11-1991-Off the Record Sting interviewFMexc16tape
Sting30-11-1991LondonBBC Radio One; int. w/ Sting at "Wembley Arena"FMexc15tape
Sting00-12-1991AngersRadio 101; int. w/ Sting in AngersFMexc35tape
Stewart00-00-1992-Music from "Riff Raff" by StewartTVexc10tape
Sting26-02-1992New York City, NYHoward Stern int. w/ Sting, Trudie & BranfordFMexc26tape
Stewart04-10-1992-Music from "Seconds Out"; written by StewartTVexc85tape
Stewart00-00-1993-Music from "Raining Stones" by StewartTVexc22tape
Stewart00-00-1993-Music from "Surving the game" by StewartTVexc36tape
Sting26-01-1993-Simon Mayo "Record of the Week" Sting by phoneFMexc4tape
Sting00-02-1993New York City, NYInterview from the promotional "Ten Summoner's Tales Interview Disc"SBexc60CD
Sting16-02-1993-BBC Radio One; "Help! A look at Rock+Charity"FMexc-6tape
Sting25-02-1993-Radio3 "Paperclip Special" w/ StingFMexc24tape
Sting00-03-1993-Europe 1 interview w/ StingFMvg33tape
Sting16-03-1993RotterdamNOB "Avondspits"; int. w/ R.J. backstage at AhoyFMexc6tape
Stewart05-05-1993Santa Monica, CAKCRW "Morning Becomes Eclectic"; int. w/ Stewart + unreleased tracksFMexc39CDR
Sting10-05-1993-Rockline; interview w/ StingFMexc43tape
Sting11-07-1993FrauenfeldRadio24; int. w/ Sting in Frauenfeld "Out In The Green"FMexc20tape
Sting06-08-1993Almeriaint. w/ Sting in AlmeriaFMvg+8tape
Sting11-09-1993-BBC Radio One "Record Producers" w/ H. PadghamFMexc9tape
Sting28-09-1993HilversumNOB "Avondspits"; Sting as special guestFMexc55tape
Sting17-11-1993LondonLondon "Q Music Awards" Sting interviewFMexc2tape
Sting30-12-1993-Virgin 1215 w/ R. Skinner (rec. 26-10-1993)FMvg+21tape
Sting00-00-1994-"Shape Of My Heart" from the movie "Léon"; guitar introduction by DominicTVexc+5CDR
Sting23-02-1994Miami, FLY-100 Miami; int. w/ StingFMvg+18tape
Sting27-02-1994Philadelphia, PAWMMR-FM "Classic Cafe"; int. w/ Sting on the phone from the SpectrumFMvg+15tape
Sting02-03-1994-Virgin Radio; Tommy Vance int. w/ StingFMexc2tape
Sting14-03-1994Caracaspress conference in Caracas "Hilton Hotel"AUDvg32tape
Sting15-03-1994-Sabado Mundial; int. + liveTVexc-9tape
The Police18-04-1994-In the Studio; Stewart about Zenyatta Mondatta (initially broadcasted on 03-12-1990) FMexc63CD
Sting24-04-1994-BBC Radio One "Sign of the times"FMexc7tape
Sting15-05-1994Boston, MAMemoriable Public Speeches; Sting speech in BostonFMexc-10tape
Sting07-11-1994New York City, NYRockline; int. w/ Sting in NYCFMexc60tape
Sting14-11-1994BarcelonaSER; report about Sting in Barcelona`FMvg9tape
Sting24-11-1994-Virgin Radio "Rocksat"; int. w/ StingFMexc-30tape
Sting00-00-1995-12 synclavier demos (from the 2CD-rom "All This Time")SBexc7CDR
Sting00-00-1995Wiltshiretwo acoustic tracks with Dominic & Kenny (from the 2CD-rom "All This Time")SBexc8CDR
Sting00-00-1995New York City, NYtwo acoustic tracks with Dominic (from the 2CD-rom "All This Time")SBexc4CDR
Sting27-01-1995-BBC Radio One "Soundbites"; int. w/ Sting about Chieftaines-albumFMexc2tape
Sting27-01-1995-BBC Radio One "The Net"; int. w/ Sting about Chieftaines-albumFMexc1tape
Sting09-02-1995-BBC Radio One "The Net"; int. w/ Sting & Jimmy NailFMexc3tape
Andy26-05-1995-BBC Radio One "Simon Mayo Show"; int. w/ Andy about "The Police Live!"FMexc30tape
Sting25-07-1995-BBC Radio One; Chris Evans int. w/ Sting on phoneFMvg+9tape
Sting29-02-1996-NDR2 "Der Club"; int. w/ Sting [dubbed]FMexc8tape
Sting15-03-1996AmsterdamNCRV "Paperclip"; int. w/ Sting at ParadisoFMexc8tape
Sting23-03-1996-NCRV "Water en Vuur"; int. w/ Sting + cover "Everybody Laughed But You"FMexc8tape
Sting30-03-1996RotterdamTros "Mega Top50"; int. w/ Sting in RotterdamFMexc4tape
Sting18-04-1996ValenciaHotel Rey Don Jaime (press conference)AUDvg+28CDR
Andy02-05-1996Santa Monica, CAKCRW "Morning Becomes Eclectic"; int. w/ Andy + unreleased tracksFMexc45tape
Sting08-09-1996Houston, TXint. w/ Sting in Houston (before broadcast of FM-show)FMexc7tape
Sting23-10-1996Melbourne3J (105.7); int. w/ Sting in MelbourneFMexc14tape
Stewart00-00-1997-Music from "Welcome to Woop Woop" by StewartTVexc+93CDR
Sting04-03-1997New York City, NYRosie O’Donnell show; int. w/ Sting & Trudie in NYCTVexc9tape
Sting00-00-1998-"Lock Stock & Two Smoking Barrels" (from the 2CD-set "The Audio Movie")SBexc+93CDR
Stewart00-00-1998-Music from "The Taking Of Pelham One Two Three" by StewartTVexc+87CDR
Stewart00-00-1998-Music from "Very Bad Things"TVexc+100CDR
Stewart00-00-1998-Music from "West Beyrouth" by StewartTVexc+21CDR
Stewart00-00-1998-Music from Playstation "Spyro The Dragon" (Release date: October 23, 1998)SBexc+158CDR
Stewart00-00-1999-Music from "Made Men" by StewartTVexc+87CDR
Stewart00-00-1999-Music from "More Dogs Than Bones"TVexc+98CDR
Stewart00-00-1999-Music from "She's All That" by StewartTVexc+92CDR
Stewart00-00-1999-Music from Playstation "Spyro 2: Gateway to Glimmer" (Release date: November 5, 1999)SBexc+129CDR
Sting00-00-1999-Perfect Love Gone Wrong (w/ Portugese rap)SBexc+5CDR
Sting08-09-1999AmsterdamRadio2 KRO "Tijd Voor Twee"; Frits Spits int. w/ Sting at Amstel HotelFMexc13CDR
Sting22-09-1999-SFX - Brand New Day World Premier Broadcast - Paul Anderson interview w/ Sting in LondonFMexc+57CDR
Sting25-09-1999-HR1 "Schwarzweiss"; interview w/ StingFMexc+25CDR
Stewart00-00-2000-Music from Playstation "Spyro 3: Year Of The Dragon" (Release date: ?, 2000)SBexc+139CDR
Stewart00-00-2001-Alone In The Dark 4 - The New NightmareSBexc+5CDR
Sting29-10-2001-"In The Studio"; interview w/ StingFMexc+62CDR
Sting10-12-2001-"Live from the Lounge" (Premiere Radio Networks); int. w/ Sting by with Ryan Seacrestpre-FMexc+82CDRCD > FLAC
Stewart02-10-2002Los Angeles, CAKLOS 95.5 FM - Mark and Brian Show (incl. Police Derangements)FMvg+37CDR
The Police19-10-2002-VH1 "Behind The Music"FMexc+53CDR
The Police27-11-2002-Rockline; Bob Coburn int. w/ Andy and Stewart in studioFMexc+86CDR
Sting00-00-2003-Sacred Love - EMI Promo - album + instrumental versions (2 discs)CDexc+122CDR
The Police10-03-2003-In The Studio; special about Outlandos + Reggatta (compilation of int. w/ Sting + Stewart)FMexc+60CDR
Stewart00-08-2003-Music from "Dead Like Me" (#1-8, 12)TVexc419CDR
Sting01-10-2003New York City, NYNPR "All Things Considered"; int. w/ Sting by Michele NorrisFMexc+13CDRFM > ? > CDR > FLAC
Stewart00-03-2005-20 unreleased tracks from (mp3; 64 kps)SBexc52CDR
Stewart00-01-2006-13 tracks ("Rank One") from (mp3; 56 kps)SBexc45CDR
The Police21-10-2006-Off The Record Classic (show #06-43); interview w/ Stewart about "Everyone Stares"pre-FMexc+56CDRCD > FLAC
Stewart00-11-2006-13 tracks ("Rank Two") from (mp3; 56 kps)SBexc45CDR

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