Animal Logic - Virgin Biography (UK press release)

[Updated: January 20, 2000]

Animal Logic Author: "Virgin"
From: Virgin Biography (UK press release)
Date: May, 1989


Animal Logic are three extremes not one, a unique composite of three separate, diverse elements. Before we go on, we should say that at least two of them are regarded as the finest exponents of their 'art' in the world. The third, something of an unknown quantity , writes and sings all the songs. Let's just say it won't be long before she joins them.

The first 'element' is Stanley Clarke. Born in Philadelphia in 1951 he's been described by one critic as "America's quintessential contemporary bassman". He was trained at the prestigious Philadelphia Musical Academy but it wasn't until 1970, with a move to New York, that his career really took off. There he met and played with the likes of Horace Silver, Stan Getz, and Dexter Gordon, pioneering his extraordinary bass style; a kind of amalgam of influences - Miles Davies, Jimi Hendrix and James Brown mixed with motown and jazz. During this time he also met Chick Corea and the two formed the groundbreaking Return To Forever. Together they recorded a total of eight influential albums. When that group split in 1976 Stanley pursued his solo career which included, amongst other things, the now legendary School Days album and a collaboration with George Duke - The Clarke/Duke project - which resulted in the Top Twenty single 'Sweet Baby'. If that wasn't enough, he's also played with Herbie Hancock, Jeff Beck, Keith Richards and Ron Wood, and recorded with Carlos Santana, Quincy Jones and Aretha Franklin. And that's without mentioning his production work with Natalie Cole, Ramsey Lewis and Shalamar's Howard Hewitt. We think that's enough.

Stanley's partner-in-crime these days is Stewart Copeland, a man who's no doubt had his fingers in a lot more pies than even we know about. He's probably most well known as a member of the Police, the band he formed in 1977, which sold over forty million records and established him as one of drumming's most original and innovative voices. What might not be so well documented are his achievements in the film world: The Rhythmatist - a documentary about African music, written and co-produced by Copeland; film scores for Francis Ford Coppola's 'Rumblefish', Oliver Stone's 'Wall Street', 'Talk Radio' and 'See No Evil, Hear No Evil', starring Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. and music for TV series The Equaliser and George Lucas' cartoon TV series Ewoks And Droids. More recently Stewart composed music for a ballet version of King Lear performed by the San Francisco Ballet, and has just completed a commission for the Cleveland Opera entitled Holy Blood And Crescent Moon which will be premiered in October this year.

The result of this collaboration is Animal Logic. Together with Los Angeles singer/songwriter Deborah Holland they've produced a single 'There's A Spy (In The House Of Love)' and an album 'Animal Logic', due out in May. After that if we're very lucky there'll be some British dates in June. Those drums, that bass, that voice, the sound of Animal Logic.

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