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[Updated: March 22, 1999]

For a few years I'm working on "The Police Archive". I'm trying to get as many information as possible about live-shows, soundchecks, recording-sessions, rehearsals, interviews, etc. of The Police and their members (Sting, Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers). At this moment I've listed about 2000 live-shows and several "unknown" recording-sessions. I'm trying to involve as many people as possible to enlarge this database.
Take a look at a few entries which are already stored in "The Police Archive".

In the future I hope to publish a book that gives a complete chronological and in depth view of The Police and their members on the road and in the studio. I have to emphasize this project is completely non commercial. It's not my intension to make money out of this project.

I'm interested to find out the following information about the concerts you attended:

It would be great when you're able to answer these questions for the shows you attended in the past (I'm not expecting you to answer all these questions). A great way to refresh your memory is reading reviews from old magazines and newspapers. Could you also tell what kind of memorabilia (concert tickets, flyers. concert posters, photos and reviews) you have of these concerts? Click here to see a few entries which are already stored in "The Police Archive".

I'm really very grateful for any help or information you can give me. When you have any specific question, then please contact me. I'm always willing to help you.

Thanks for your support!

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