Remy Zero - Remy Zero

[Updated: January 20, 2000]

Remy Zero - Remy Zero

Title:Remy Zero - Remy Zero
Label:David Geffen Company
Catalogue number:DGC 24828
Release date:1996
  1. Temenos (Here Come The Shakes)
  2. Descent
  3. Water
  4. Gold Star Speaker
  5. Twister
  6. Chloroform Days
  7. Shadowcasting
  8. Queen Of Venus
  9. Chromosome
  10. Christmas
Remarks: Description: Remy Zero: Shelby Tate, August Cinjun Tate, Cedric Lemoyne, Jeffrey Cain.
Additional personnel: Stewart Copeland (hi-hat), Louis Schefano, Joey Waronker, Joe Ippolito, Martin Tillman, Amiel Morris, Steven Morris.

Engineers: Ronnie S. Champagne, Eric Janko, Remy Zero.
Recorded at Earhaven, Santa Rosa, California and Sonora Studios, Los Feliz, California.

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