Aida - Elton John and Tim Rice

[Updated: August 19, 2000]

Aida - Elton John and Tim Rice

Title:Aida - Elton John and Tim Rice
Catalogue number:-
Release date:03-1999
Tracks: 1. Another Pyramid (3:48) - Sting
Produced by Sly & Robbie and Sting

2. Written in the Stars (4:17) - Elton John and LeAnn Rimes
Produced by Peter Collins and Wilbur Rimes

3. Easy as Life (5:12) - Tina Turner featuring Angelique Kidjo
Produced by Jean Hebrail

4. My Strongest Suit (4:11) - Spice Girls
Co-Produced by Stannard & Rowe and Phil Ramone

5. I Know the Truth (5:35) - Elton John and Janet Jackson
Produced by Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis

6. Not Me (4:52) - Boyz II Men
Produced by Boyz II Men

7. Amneris' Letter (1:41) - Shania Twain
Vocals produced by Robert John "Mutt" Lange

8. A Step Too Far (4:18) - Elton John, Heather Headley, and Sherie Scott
Produced by Phil Ramone

9. Like Father Like Son (4:09) - Lenny Kravitz
Produced by Lenny Kravitz

10. Elaborate Lives (4:22) - Heather Headley
Produced by Phil Ramone

11. How I Know You (3:19) - James Taylor
Produced by Russell Kunkel and Nethaniel Kunkel

12. The Messenger (5:10) - Elton John and Lulu
Produced by Phil Ramone

13. The Gods Love Nubia (4:48) - Kelly Price
Produced by Sly & Robbie

14. Enchantment Passing Through (5:44) - Dru Hill
Produced by Dru Hill

15. Orchestral Finale (3:37)
Produced by Phil Ramone

Remarks: The album contains a collection of songs penned by Elton John and Tim Rice.

Sting said that when he first heard the song Another Pyramid as a demo, "I could see myself singing it...then it was, how could I adapt this and make it mine. It had a hint of reggae and I thought of taking it to Jamaica with my old friends Sly and Robbie [to produce it with me]. Elton expected me to take a few liberties with it but I was truly respectful of what had been given to me...".

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